Tulip’s Surgery Successfully Completed

Even though I have never sniffed noses with him, Lucky is one of my good furiends. You remember that I told you about Tulip, who was being helped by the same organization that took care of Lucky. Well, furiends, thanks to many kind humans like you, HART had the green paper things they needed to help her. And they took her to the humans in white coats for surgery.

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Tulip Recovering After Surgery

You see, a polyp growing in Tulip’s ear and throat made it difficult for her to breathe. She needed surgery right away to fix this. When Tulip went to the white coated humans, they discovered more polyps. One of the polyps had grown into her brain. That scared even the white coated humans!

The white coated humans immediately went to work, and they removed the polyps from Tulip. Fortunately, the surgery succeeded, and now Tulip is breathing easier. I think you can say that HART and the white coated humans are doing the same.

Now, furiends, Tulip is not out of the woods yet. She may be able to breath easier, but she still is recovering from the problems the polyps caused in her brain. Tulip does not move around as nimbly as we felines should, but she is doing much better. She runs around, plays, and acts like a kitten her age should.

The only sign what she was going through before the surgery is unevenly dilate pupils. But the white coated humans think this will go away with time, and she will be able to live a perfectly normal life.

Furiends, I am so happy Tulip got treated by the white coated humans. But this is only because of many kind humans helping. Do not ever think that what you can give is too small of an amount. When many humans give just a few green paper things, felines like Tulip get a chance to thrive!

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