One Eyed Feline Protects Human

We felines are grateful to humans who take care of us. We may not always show it, and we will swat or bite you if you annoy us. But we are grateful. And sometimes, we show that gratitude in ways that you do not expect.

That is what a one eyed feline in Australia did. We felines do not sleep like you humans do. You humans typically sleep for a long time, and you are not as alert as we are when you do this. We felines, even when we are asleep, are much more sensitive to our surroundings than you are. We need to be sure that predators do not catch us and nom on us!

Mannie Helped Protect His Home from an Intruder
Mannie Helped Protect His Home from an Intruder

And even if we do not have all of our senses, we are still good at noticing things you humans do not. An adopted feline named Mannie showed that even with only one eye, he still could help his human protect their house from an intruder.

Our hearing is very good, and when Mannie heard an intruder creeping around the home, he meowed loudly to let his human know something was not right. His human was initially annoyed at Mannie, because he wanted to sleep. But soon he realized that Mannie was letting him know that there was someone in the home who did not belong there.

Mannie’s human told the intruder to get out, and the intruder ran out the door. Fortunately, his human was able to get the license plate of the car the intruder ran into. They called the humans with badges to report it, and soon the human who broke into the home was arrested.

Mannie’s human is very grateful to his feline for helping protect the home. I am sure he will get many treats and extra petting time as a reward. And I am glad both Mannie and his human are safe!

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