Michigan Cat Rescue’s Penelope Doing Better

Furiends, you remember how I shared the story of Penelope with you a little while ago. This feline, if you remember, was taken back to Michigan Cat Rescue because the cruel human who adopted her bought a new RV. That cruel human said they didn’t want Penelope to possibly ruin the sofa in it. Michigan Cat Rescue needed more information so they could treat Penelope. The cruel human who abandoned her told them not to contact them again.

Furiends, hopefully, the RV becomes infested with fleas, bed bugs, and other things that cause that cruel human pain. And I hope the cruel human who thought a stupid sofa is more important than a feline spends many days scratching many bites!

Penelope Recovering at Michigan Cat Rescue
Penelope Recovering at Michigan Cat Rescue

Many kind humans gave Michigan Cat Rescue green paper things. Because they did, Penelope received the care she needed from the humans in white coats. The white coated humans examined her, tested her blood, gave her x-rays and ultrasounds, and hospitalized her.

It took a while for the white coated humans to see what was bothering Penelope. They learned this poor feline was suffering from irritable bowel disease. And that is why she did not nom and was very weak and underweight. Furiends, the evil human who cared more about a sofa than a feline did not even bother to get this checked.

Michigan Cat Rescue’s efforts mean that Penelope will recover and she will soon be available for adoption. That means she will be able to go to a home with humans who understand a feline means more than a sofa!

We still need to send this poor girl healing thoughts. Penelope still needs a few more weeks to recover. But when she does, she will go to a home where they understand a feline is more important than a sofa. I am glad she got that chance, furiends.

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