Police Rescue Feline Trapped in Patrol Car

When we felines get into situations we do not like, our instinct is to hide. This instinct has helped many felines survive. But sometimes, it gets us in trouble. And that is what happened to a feline who a police officer went to help.

Police responded to reports of a pregnant cat in distress that was in the grass at road intersection. The responding officer tried to pick up the cat who needed help, but the feline ran under the patrol car. The officer then tried to coax the cat out with tuna, but it did not work. Instead, the cat climbed into the undercarriage of the car.

Police and Firefighters Worked Hard to Save a Feline
Police and Firefighters Worked Hard to Save a Feline

That meant things were going to get a lot more difficult for the feline and the humans who wanted to help her. Now, they had to figure out a way to get the feline out of the car. They called for help, and firefighters came to help. The firefighters lifted the car up, and removed both of the rear wheels. That was enough to allow the humans to get the feline.

“She was really wedged up there. There was no getting her out,” said one of the humans from of All Humane Animal Rescue. “I’m glad the officer was there to help.”

Murphy Relaxing
Murphy Relaxing

After the feline was freed, the police took her to All Humane Animal Rescue. Here, humans in white coats examined the feline to make sure she was okay.  All Humane Animal Rescue waited for a call reporting a lost cat. Sadly, no call came.

All Humane Animal Rescue named the feline Murphy, after the police officer who saved her. They think the humans who were supposed to care for Murphy abandoned her. Too many humans will leave their felines behind when they move, not caring that the felines will suffer.

Now, Murphy will get the care she needs until she recovers. Then, she will go to a home where she will be treated well and not abandoned. And that, furiends, is good news!

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