World’s Oldest Feline Leaves Us

We felines do not live as long as you humans do. An indoor only cat like me typically lives for around 15 years. Some felines live longer, and some have their lives cut short sooner. But 15 years with a human who loves us and who we love is a good life for us.

One feline got to enjoy a much longer time with his humans than that. This feline lived to be 32 years old, furiends! That is more than double the time most felines enjoy.

Some smart humans say that the first two years of a feline’s life are equal to 25 years of human life. Then, each additional year is equal to four human years. That means this 32 year old feline was like a 145 year old human!

Nutmeg Enjoying Time with His Humans
Nutmeg Enjoying Time with His Humans

This feline first came to the attention of humans tracking long lived felines when he had only three teeth. But he did not let this slow him down. He still was going strong. His humans, who are heartbroken to have lost their feline after so many years, say that giving him lots of treats like tuna, cream, and hot roasted chicken helped him live so long.

His humans first met this feline in 1990, when another cat brought him into the home. Nutmeg, as this feline was known, kept coming into the home. That is when they realized he was a stray and decided to keep him in their home.

Nutmeg’s humans took him to the white coated humans. They estimated his age to be around five. And then for 27 more years, Nutmeg enjoyed living with his humans and giving and receiving lots of love.

But eventually, even the longest lived feline leaves us. And Nutmeg knew it was his time. His health started to deteriorate, and his humans knew they had to take him to the white coated humans one last time. There, they said goodbye to him after 27 years. While they are very sad about this, they are very happy to have spent so much time with Nutmeg.

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