What To Do When Felines Fight

You know that Koji annoys Jacey and me when he wants to play and we do not or when he wants to be rougher during his play than we like. When that happens, the human intervenes to stop us and we settle down.

What Should Humans Do When Cats Fight?
What Should Humans Do When This Happens?

But sometimes, furiends, fighting between felines is not just because of one feline playing too rough. It is because the felines fighting are actually angry at each other.

This can be because of one feline trying to show another feline that something belongs to it. Or, it can be because of an association with a traumatic event. But whatever the reason, there are sometimes fights between felines.

When this happens, humans should use a piece of cardboard or some other material to create a barrier between the two felines who are fighting. The human will sometimes step between me and Koji if I am annoyed at Koji and growling at him. This works as well, but be careful. You may end up getting a swat!

If we felines have already started fighting, scruff one of the cats by the neck and remove that feline from the area.

If the fighting occurs a lot, you will have to reintroduce the felines who scuffle. And you can prevent fighting between felines by giving all of us enough high spaces to get away. Some humans like to use pheromone dispensers to help.

Furiends, hopefully, any scuffles you break up between felines will be mild ones!

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