Many Humans Help Animals During Hurricanes

Three major hurricanes hit parts of the United States and its territories in just a few weeks. This caused major evacuations and a lot of problems for many humans. And many felines and canines faced problems during and after the storms, too.

Fortunately for these felines and canines, the Humane Society of the United States has plans in place to help. Before the disaster hits, shelters in the affected areas clear out space by sending their animals to other shelters. When they do this, not only do they get these felines and canines out of harms way but they clear up space for the many who will need help after the storm.

When these humans learned Harvey was coming, they got to work. Then, soon after the work for Harvey had slowed down a little, they had to react to Irma. And now, they are working on helping animals affected by Maria.

A Feline Rescued From Irma
A Feline Rescued From Irma

These humans are working very hard because of the three hurricanes hitting in such a short time. The human who directs these operations for the Humane Society of the United States worked close to 40 days without any time off. That time without a break will get longer, because helping Maria’s animals is much more complicated.

The Humane Society of the United States could not evacuate animals from Puerto Rico before the storm hit. Moving animals from there to the mainland requires a lot of paperwork. When the storm hit, the roads became impassable. So they had to wait until the roads were cleared and it was safe to move the canines and felines. The first flight of animals from the island took place about a week after the storm.

All of these storms means it is going to be busy for these humans for a while. But there is good news, furiends. You see, in the fall, many humans decide to adopt a feline or canine. That means that many of the animals affected by these hurricanes will finally get homes.

I am very happy that many humans work so hard to help my fellow animals. And I am even happier that they will find good homes!

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