Diabetic Cat in Florida Needs a Home

Diabetic Cats in Need is one of my favorite organizations that helps felines. How could I not like a group of humans that specializes in helping felines like me? I learned about a diabetic cat in Florida who needs a home from them, and I am going to tell you about this feline.

Let's Help This Diabetic Cat Find a Home
Let’s Help This Diabetic Cat Find a Home

This feline is eleven years old. Her family loves her, and she has been with them for many years. When small humans joined the family, they did not think of giving her up. She developed diabetes, and the humans in the family committed to treating her. And she does not even care about the insulin shot she gets.

Sadly, one of the small humans in the home has developed very bad allergies to felines. Apparently, this is something that the small human has been battling for some time. But now, the small human’s body cannot keep fighting the allergic reaction. Every day, this small human must endure a breathing treatment.

That is why these humans are looking for a home for their feline. I cannot blame them, furiends. You know I get annoyed and want to swat humans who give up their felines for foolish reasons. This is not one of those situations.

The feline here is very sweet, but she is also independent. She will go for a long time without demanding attention. But when you bring a blanket to her, she will camp out on that blanket for a long time. Furiends, this is a good feline to have around! She will not annoy you by demanding too much attention, but she is more than happy to receive it.

Time is short for this feline, furiends. Her humans, understandably, do not want the small human to have to endure treatments for much longer. And who can blame them? That is why I am sharing her story with you, and I hope that we can find a home for this feline soon!

Can you help? Please contact the human who is trying to find a home for her if you can and if you cannot, please share her story so that someone can. I am glad that Diabetic Cats in Need shared her story, and I hope that we can find her a home soon!

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