A Blind Feline Finds a Home

Furiends, you know that Jacey goes to The Cat Cafe with the human when he goes to work. Recently, she told me about a very playful black cat there. It is not unusual to have a playful black cat, but this one is different. You see, this feline, who is named Felix, is blind.

Felix was found on the street, wandering around looking confused. He went to the white coated humans, and they found out that he had a lot of wax built up in his ears. That, combined with him being unable to see, was what caused his confusion. The white coated humans removed the wax and treated his eyes, and Felix showed his gratitude by becoming a happy and playful cat.

Blind Cat Felix
Blind Cat Felix

Felix went to The Cat Cafe, and one of the humans visiting fell in love with him. They took Felix home, and prepared to gradually introduce him to the home. But Felix had other ideas.

Within a few minutes of arriving at his new home, Felix started exploring. Soon, he had scoped out the entire house. And Felix did not like any closed doors, because those meant he was not able to investigate the area behind them. He spent most of the first two days in his new home investigating it, and playing with anything that made noise.

Soon, Felix decided that a crinkle tube would become his home base. He loves to pounce on wrapping paper, paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper. Then, he will bring those, along with his jingle bell toys, into his crinkle tube. And Felix does not like it when his humans put toys in the crinkle tube. He will bat the toy out, and then bring it in later!

Felix is another feline who is showing that just because he is a special needs cat does not mean he is not full of life. He entertains and makes his humans happy every day, and he is enjoying his life. He shows that special needs cats are great felines for the right humans.

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