Feline Wanders Into Gym And Stays

The human tells me that you humans will go to places to exercise. I do not know why you need to do this. Jacey, Koji and I get all the exercise we need just by chasing each other around and jumping on things. If you have felines in your home, you know that sometimes, we do this in the middle of the night and annoy your humans.

One feline decided to investigate a place where humans go to exercise. He walked right into the gym while humans were exercising, and the humans there loved it. This feline, who has been named LB, decided he would stay, which was just fine with the humans running the gym.

LB Observing Exercising Humans
LB Observing and Judging Exercising Humans

LB decided that he would observe the humans and silently judge them while they worked out. You know we felines are very good at that!

The humans give LB pets and show him lots of love when they take breaks from exercising. And LB helps them, too. The humans exercising there say that LB gives them a little extra motivation to come in to work out and to stay consistent.

Sometimes, LB will demand pets from all the humans in the gym and they love to give him those pets. Other times, he will watch one or two humans exercise, and then wander off to get some exercise of his own. And LB does things for the humans besides just helping them stick with their exercise program.

You see, the gym LB decided to make his home has a mouse problem. Well, LB helps with that. He will go and catch mice, and he scares many of the mice he does not catch away.

Furiends, I am very happy this feline wandered in to this gym. And I am very sure that the humans who exercise there are, too! The mice he catches, however, are not. But while they do not like it, everyone else does!

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