Meet Diabetic Cat Baby

Furiends, I need to share with you a feline that Diabetic Cats in Need is helping find a home for. You know that I like to share stories of my fellow diabetic cats. But this one is one I really want to share with you. You see, Baby is a bengal cat like Jacey, Koji, and me!

Diabetic Bengal Cat Baby
Let’s Help My Fellow Diabetic Bengal Cat Find a Home!

Baby is a female bengal cat living in Union, West Virginia. The Monroe County Animal League is looking to find a home for her. She’s a pretty girl, furiends! She is between 10 and 12 years old, so she’s still got lots of life left. Sadly, someone took away Baby’s front claws. Jacey, Koji, and I want to swat that human with our front paws to teach them a lesson.

Baby went to the humans in white coats recently, and they told her humans she is diabetic. She gets insulin twice a day, just like me, and she is taking it all in stride.

She loves to get attention from humans, and just like you would expect with a bengal cat, she has a lot of purrsonality. Baby likes to talk to her humans and she rewards them with purrs when she gets the attention she loves.

Monroe County Animal League hopes that someone will take Baby home with them and give her the care and love she craves. She will do best as an only cat, but I am sure if she gets enough attention she will be okay with another feline. Baby is like me in some other ways, furiends. She tolerates canines, but does not like it too much when they lick her with their sloppy wet tongue!

Do you think you can give my fellow diabetic bengal cat a good home? If you can, please contact Monroe County Animal League and tell them you want to take Baby home. And if you cannot, please share Baby’s story so that we can find someone who can!

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