November 26 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I know you have probably been wondering if I have been continuing to go outside of the litter box. And, you also probably want to know if the human has continued to pick me up and put me in the box as well. I will tell you about this and my blood sugar readings for the week.

I am sure you remember the human wanted to talk to the white coated humans about me going outside the box. And he did. When he talked to the white coated humans they asked him how I felt about covered boxes. The human told them he had to uncover a box once, because Jacey always ambushed me when I came out of it.

Then, the white coated humans asked if Koji ambushed me. When the human said yes, they said we should remove the cover to the box. And furiends, that worked. Now, I do not go outside of the box anymore. The human also does not have to carry me to the box and put me in there.

I Went Back to Using the Litter Box Properly
I Went Back to Doing This Properly

This is a relief for the human, because he did not like it when I went outside the box. And while he thought it was funny to carry me to the box like I was a tiny feline, he knew it could not continue.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, they averaged 205. This is much higher than the 171 we saw last week. The average is still okay. But the human and I did not like that we had two times where my blood sugar levels got so low that he did not give me any insulin.

The human is confused by the way Koji and I act with our noms. When he gives us a can and a half in the morning and evening, we consume all of the noms. And we complain and demand more. But when he gives us two cans each time, we leave about half a can’s worth of noms.

He does not know if this is affecting my blood sugar readings or not. But it is something to consider. I will let you know how things work out with my blood sugar readings next Monday, furiends.

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