Diabetic Cat Winston Needs a Home

Hello, furiends. I like helping the kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need find homes for my fellow felines who are fighting diabetes. Today, I will share Winston’s story with you. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

Winston is being cared for by some white coated humans, but we do not want him to live in a cage forever. This feline lived with a human who knew he could not properly care for Winston’s diabetes. Because of this, they took Winston to the white coated humans.

At just a year, Winston is young for a feline battling diabetes. Usually, diabetic cats like me get diagnosed when we are much older. Winston’s previous life could be the reason why. You see, when Winston’s human found him in July, he only weighed three pounds! He was nothing but skin and bones, furiends!

Help Diabetic Cat Winston Find a Home
Help Diabetic Cat Winston Find a Home

Winston’s human helped him gain weight, but then noticed he was peeing a lot. The white coated humans examined him and discovered Winston is a diabetic cat. First, they tried to control his diabetes with diet alone. That did not work well, and Winston started getting insulin shots.

Winston loves humans, and he doesn’t mind other cats. He did try to dominate the other feline in the home. And he hates it when the other feline in the home tries to nom before him. That is not surprising given that he almost starved to death!

Do you have room in your home for Winston? If you do, please contact the humans in white coats who are caring for him. And if you cannot, please share his story so that others can.

Another way you can help diabetic cats like me is to contribute to Diabetic Cats in Need. They need many green paper things, and a kind human has offered to match donations. Can you help do this? Even if you can only spare a few green paper things, it will help! Please help this wonderful organization that helps so many of my fellow diabetic cats like Winston!

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