Feline Leaps from Power Line to Safety

We felines have claws that only allow us to climb in one direction. So when we want to come down, we have to back down slowly until we get close enough to the ground to hop down. Jacey tells me that the human has a tree at The Cat Cafe which allows her to display this. It is nine feet tall, so she has to back down a few feet before she can get off the tree.

Felines who climb higher in environments they are not familiar with cannot do this as easily. That is why firefighters went to help a feline stuck in a power pole. The Carson City fire department responded to a call of a cat stuck on a power line. The poor feline climbed onto the line and could not get down. Many humans tried to help. When they could not, they called the fire department.

The fire department soon realized that they did not have equipment to help. So they called the utility who operated the power line. And the utility told the firefighters they would send a truck with a lifting basket to the site.

But we felines can be very impatient and want to do things on our own. This feline decided that enough was enough. Instead of waiting for the truck with the cherry picker to arrive, they decided to come down on their own.

Feline Jumps From Power Line to Tarp
Feline Jumps From Power Line to Tarp

The firefighters on the scene worried that the feline might get hurt by the jump. They decided to take out a tarp, to see if the feline would jump down onto it. And this feline did exactly that! The feline landed safely in the tarp, and everyone was happy.

Well, except for the feline. Of course the feline was annoyed that the humans took so long to provide help. But the important thing is the feline is safe!

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