Efforts to Help Cats in Wildfire Areas Continue

Furiends, I am sure you heard about the horrible wildfires California endured. The fires are now fortunately under control or out, but they displaced many humans and animals. And even though things are much better now, many humans continue to look for displaced felines. They hope to create many happy reunions between humans and felines.

A Feline Rescued After a Wildfire
A Feline Rescued After A Wildfire

These humans search burned down neighborhoods looking for felines. They hope to find felines who need help. And the humans searching for felines needing help include a police officer and a person whose home miraculously survived the fires.

The work these humans do is difficult and complex. One of the biggest challenges they face is figuring out whether a feline is lost or if they are part of a feral colony. Some rescuers seek out specific felines from lists. Others look for cats that look like strays. Then they check with neighbors and examine chips.

These kind humans also need to gain the trust of the felines they are trying to help. It takes a while to do this. And they can never leave a trap unattended. This means they spend a long time watching traps, hoping for felines to go in there.

The rescuers are also learning a lot about cats. They learned we felines are very resilient! Many humans assumed their felines were gone after the fires. But some of these felines managed to escape the fires and stay alive for months after them. Their resilience and survival skills led to many happy reunions after months of separation from their humans.

I am glad there are humans so dedicated to helping us felines find our humans. These kind humans deserve a lot of praise. And they will be able to tell other humans in disaster areas what to do. Hopefully, this means more happy reunions between felines and their humans!

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