Angry Kitten Turns into Loving Furiend

When we felines feel threatened, we get very angry. We will growl and hiss at any human who approaches us. And we swat and bite humans who try to handle us. It is not because we do not like humans. It is because we feel like we are in danger and we want to protect ourselves.

That is what happened one night with a tiny feline. This feline, who was later named Nugget, was trapped by a frozen steam vent. A kind human went to help, and Nugget did not want to move from her spot. Nugget hissed, growled, spit, and swatted at the human who was trying to help her. The human even tried giving Nugget noms, but that did not work.

Finally, the rescuer decided to use a tool from the kitchen to get Nugget out. They took a spatula to help get Nugget out. When they got Nugget from the vent, she stopped fighting. The poor tiny feline was tired and cold. So when her rescuer put her in a blanket and box, Nugget went to sleep.

The first thing Nugget’s rescuer did when they arrived home was feeding the tiny feline. Nugget was so hungry she ate all of the noms very quickly. But despite this, Nugget still did not completely trust her human rescuer. She hid from her human, only coming out when it was time to nom and to use the litter box.

Nugget Went From Hissing Cat to Purring Furiend
Nugget Went From Hissing Cat to Purring Furiend

Nugget spent most of her nights sleeping on a heating pad, and spent most of the day hiding under the bed. But one day, she decided to trust her human. She jumped onto her human’s hand, and started purring. As Nugget learned to trust her human more, she started showing more affection for her human.

Soon, Nugget started interacting with all of the family members, both two legged and four legged. Now, she does not have to worry about being cold or not having noms any more. She is happy and healthy and loved.

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