Ace Beats Odds to Thrive

We felines can be tough creatures when we need to be. And a tiny feline named Ace is a perfect example of this.

Ace was only six weeks old when he got hit by a car. The humans in white coats examined him. One of the options for treating Ace was amputating a severely damaged leg. But a human with Cats at The Studios was there, and decided to take care of Ace. Instead of amputating his paw, they decided to see if it could heal.

Ace went to a foster home, where he met a human who was determined to help him. They went to a different white coated human, and they learned that Ace also had a heart condition. This poor six week old boy had been through a lot. But his foster human decided to commit to helping Ace make it.

Ace visited another group of white coated humans, and they told his foster human the same thing. And because of Ace’s heart condition, no white coated humans wanted to risk operating on his leg. So he would need to heal on his own.

Ace’s foster human was sad about this news, and worried that Ace was going to suffer. But they remembered their commitment to Ace, and they decided to see things through. Ace seemed to sense this, and he fought to get better. His leg started to heal on its own. Instead of being something that caused him pain, it became a fully functional leg.

Ace With His Humans
Ace with His Humans

Now Ace is as active and playful as any feline his age. He managed to beat the odds and not just survive, but thrive. And now, the human who took him in as a foster is going to be with him for the rest of his life. They decided they could not let Ace go and that he was going to become part of their family!

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