Rescued Feline Helps Human at Work

Many humans decide they want to help a feline. This is good for both the human and the feline. The feline gets a home. And the human gets a furiend that keeps them company and makes them happy. The human also enjoys the health benefits that come with having a feline in their life.

One human decided that they wanted their feline to share these benefits with humans they work with. And that is how Betty Boo ended up working at a human’s hair salon. Betty Boo enjoys being around humans, which makes this a good environment for her. She loves showing affection to humans, even ones she does not know very well.

Going to a hair salon can be something that humans do not like. But Betty Boo does her part to make sure the experience is more enjoyable. She gives lots of cuddles to every human who visits the salon, and she often hops into the lap of the humans in the salon.

Betty will walk over to humans who are waiting for service, and greet them. Sometimes, she will brush up against their legs and meow, asking for attention. Other times, she will hop into their laps and say hello.

Betty’s human set up the salon to make her happy. They put in lots of places for Betty to lounge in around the salon. But she prefers interacting with the humans there. Who needs a perch to sleep on when a human’s lap is available?

Betty Boo Relaxing with a Human
Betty Boo Relaxing with a Human

She loves to cuddle with humans visiting the salon, and she always makes them smile. Betty especially loves comforting humans getting their hair washed. After all, Betty thinks, it is not fun to get your head fur wet. So she does what she can to help make it more fun.

I am sure many humans look forward to their visit to Betty’s salon because they love seeing her. And she loves seeing them, too!

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