Help Diabetic Cat Hamilton Find a Home

When I first developed diabetes, the human’s first clue that something was wrong was how much I was peeing. I had to go so often and so much that sometimes, I peed outside of the box. This is not uncommon for diabetic cats.

The human was not happy about this. He made many trips to the pet store in order to get things to clean up my urine. But he did not plan to surrender me to someone to put in a barn like a human did with Hamilton.

Fortunately for Hamilton, a kind human took him in. They planned to take him to a rescue organization. When they were doing this, they learned that Hamilton is a diabetic cat. After learning this, Hamilton’s foster human started treating his diabetes. He gets insulin twice a day, special noms, and soon will get a glucose curve done. And most importantly, Hamilton no longer pees outside of the litter box.

Diabetic Cat Hamilton
Diabetic Cat Hamilton

Hamilton lives with his foster human in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He weighs almost 13 pounds, so he is a fairly big feline, although he is not as big as me! And he sleeps in a room by himself. He sometimes hops onto the bed in the room to sleep on the comforter, but Hamilton also sleeps in a cat bed.

This diabetic cat gets along with the other felines in his foster home, as well as a small canine. He lived in a home with small humans, but we do not know how well he liked them.

Diabetic Cats in Need shared Hamilton’s story with me, and now I am sharing it with you. Let’s help my fellow diabetic cat find a home! If you have room in your home for him, please contact his foster human. And if you do not, please share his story so that others can help.

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