Feline Saved From River and Reunited With Humans

A feline who shares my name is very lucky to have been reunited with his humans. This feline got stranded on a river in Wichita, Kansas. Concerned humans heard him calling out for help, and they called the fire department. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they knew they had to act quickly, because the ice the feline was standing on was starting to crack.


The firefighters quickly inflated a boat, and got to the feline just in time. The ice fell apart soon after they had retrieved the cat. Firefighters then took the feline to Beauties and Beasts, and the white coated humans looked over him. This cat rescue group planned to help the feline, but they scanned for a microchip. The chip showed he lived with kind humans who named him Bagheera.

Bagheera is eight months old, furiends, and he managed to escape from his human’s home. Bagheera likes hiding under cars, so his humans suspect he hid in the engine compartment of a car near his home. Then the car started to move, and Bagheera panicked and jumped off. Somehow, he fell onto the river.

Sadly, Bagheera’s ordeal will cost him his left leg. The humans in white coats will amputate it. But while he would obviously prefer to have all four legs, most felines who lose a leg adjust and are able to get around okay.

Bagheera’s humans welcomed him back into their home with open arms.  And they decided that Bagheera will now be like me — an indoor only cat. This is the smart thing to do, because indoor only cats typically live 15 years while indoor outdoor cats only live around five.

And Bagheera’s ordeal shows exactly why this is. If the firefighters didn’t arrive as quickly as they did, poor Bagheera would have lost his his chance to thrive.

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