Lollipop Is Looking for a Good Home

Michigan Cat Rescue does a good job of finding homes for cats, even though they are a small rescue organization. And now they are looking find a two year old Maine Coon mix a home.

Poor Lollipop is starting to think that she is invisible. This pretty girl is definitely not invisible. But she is starting to feel that way because nobody has chosen to adopt her during adoption events. Her foster human tells her that this is because the right person hasn’t come along. And I can tell her that is right. The human tells me that many felines take a long time to find a good home and it is better for them to wait for that home.

Michigan Cat Rescue's Lollipop
Michigan Cat Rescue’s Lollipop

Lollipop has been through a lot in her two years. I may think that diabetes is a challenge, but at least I was never close to being put down. She was minutes away from losing her chance to thrive. Fortunately, Michigan Cat Rescue saw her and took her in.

Maine Coons are known for being quiet gentle giants, and Lollipop is definitely one. She does not talk too much, which is one of the reasons she may not get as much attention as more vocal felines. But smart humans get to see her very sweet nature. Once she starts to trust a human, she loves to shower them with affection and enjoys spending time with them.

Michigan Cat Rescue says that if you adopt Lollipop, you will make two hearts happy — hers and yours!

Do you have room in your home for Lollipop? If you do, and you want to take her home, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. Fill out an application and maybe you can take her home. If you do not have room for her in your home, please share her story. That way, someone who has room can bring her home.

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