Humans Help Feed Colony of 30 Cats

Felines and humans share more things than you think. For example, some humans do not have homes, just like felines do not have homes. And one group of felines and one human lived outside together for many years.

These felines and humans lived in an alley, and they had an understanding with the humans who lived nearby. The human would keep other humans who might cause trouble away, and the felines would help keep the rats under control. And that is why they were able to stay in the alley.

Sadly, after a very cold spell, the human who was caring for the felines did not make it. And the humans living in the area noticed that the alley was getting dirty. They learned that the homeless caretaker of the feral cats had died, and they quickly moved to help the felines that were his family.

“We had to honor his memory,” one of these humans said. They decided “we’re going to throw ourselves straight into this and take care of” the cats. They quickly set up a schedule to feed the felines, and after that, they put together shelters for the felines.

Some of the 30 Cats a Homeless Man Cared For
Some of the 30 Cats a Homeless Man Cared For

Next, these humans decided to get the felines in the alley spayed and neutered. This not only would help keep the population from exploding beyond the 30 cats there, but it also helped with the City of Chicago. And when the City designated them as a colony, it meant they will not attempt to trap and potentially euthanize these felines.

Other humans learned about this, and they gave green paper things to help. Now, the kind humans will have the green paper things they need to build shelters and feed the felines. And they committed to making sure the felines will be safe.

“He died with the things he loved the most, his cats,” said one of the humans caring for the felines. “We should all be so lucky to be around the people and animals we love.”

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