Diabetic Cat Dailey Needs a Home

Diabetic Cats in Need helps many of my fellow felines with diabetes. They are one of my favorite cat rescue organizations. And when they told me about a feline named Dailey who needs a new home, I wanted to share his story with you.

Dailey lives near me, in Los Angeles. He is a little younger than me, at 10 years old. He is about as old as Jacey. Dailey loves living with his human, and they love him. But sadly, the human got a new job which requires them to be on the road a lot. And they cannot properly take care of Dailey because of this.

Diabetic Cat Dailey Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Dailey Needs a Home

Dailey is a nice feline. He gets along with other felines, and even likes canines. This feline does not get annoyed when canines lick him with their sloppy wet tongues! I do not know how he tolerates that.

Dailey likes cuddling and getting attention from his human, and when his human says his name, he comes right over. And when he comes over, Dailey gives his human head bonks and purrs and sandpaper kisses.

My fellow diabetic cat is such a kind feline that he even purrs when he receives his insulin shot. Furiends, the human can give me my shot, but I do not like it. He gives it to me when I nom so that I am distracted. Otherwise, I might swat the human!

You can tell that Dailey lives up to what some humans call felines fighting diabetes — sugar cat! He is a very sweet boy, and he needs a good home. If you can give Dailey that home, please contact his human. And if you cannot, please share Dailey’s story so that someone else can. I hope that we can help Diabetic Cats in Need find a home for this friendly and sweet cat soon!

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