Daylight Saving Time and Felines

Furiends, the human is not happy right now. He got up an hour earlier because of daylight saving time. He does not like this ritual of moving the clocks forward an hour in the spring and an hour back in the fall. And he says there are lots of reasons to not like this.

But for felines, does it matter? Do we care about getting up an hour earlier or sleeping an hour longer? A white coated human looked into this.

Feline Helping Adjust the Clock
Feline Helping Adjust the Clock

The white coated human concluded that for us felines, it does not matter. After all, we sleep up to 18 hours a day. And since we can go back to sleep as soon as we like, getting up an hour early does not matter. When the talking box starts to talk, the human gets up, gives us our noms, and then goes about getting ready for the day. We felines eat the noms, and then we go back to relaxing.

We do not go back to sleep right away, since we enjoy our time with the human in the morning. Koji likes to watch him take a shower, and even swats the water jets. So we do not need to go back to sleep right away after the human feeds us. But if we wanted to, we could!

In the fall, though, when we have to wait another hour for our noms, we do not like it. We know when our noms are going to come, and when they do not come on time, we complain. But the human ignores us until the talking box starts to talk. And then we get our noms.

There is some complication with me being a diabetic cat. But the change of an hour in when I get my insulin is not really a big issue. So even for a diabetic cat, daylight saving time affects humans more than felines.

But the human does not like it, and since he does not, I think it should go away.

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