March 11 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Yesterday, I told you about how the human did not feel so good because of the switch to daylight saving time. The human was grumpy yesterday because of the switch and because he did not remember to change the time on the talking box. And he got even more annoyed at himself today. He forgot to change the time on the talking box again last night.

Fortunately for him, Koji and I did our usual right before the talking box starts talking play and woke him up. Koji hopped on the bed with a giant thud, and the human woke up from that. Then the human realized, oh no, I forgot to change the time and woke up.

We Felines Are Very Good at Waking Up Humans
We Felines Are Very Good at Waking Up Humans

Koji and I laughed at him while we ate our noms. And then, unlike him, we went back to bed. You see, because we are felines, we can sleep whenever we want! This is something the human cannot do.

Now that I have shared with you something funny about the human, let me tell you about my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 166. This is a little higher than the 154 we saw last week, but it is still okay.

There was only one really concerning glucose level last week. That came when my blood sugar levels had dropped to 36. Of course, the human could not give me any insulin with my blood sugar that low. So without insulin, my blood sugar level spiked with the next reading. But averaged out, even these two extremes were not so bad.

I was glad I was able to skip an insulin shot, but I will tolerate those so that I feel good. Hopefully, we do not have any readings that go so low over this week. I will let you know about this next Monday.

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