April 1 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I hope you enjoyed your Easter yesterday, and that you remember to keep lilies away from us felines. The human was around for most of the day yesterday, and it was fun to have him around. Of course, Koji and I did some silly things to make sure he knew we were here.

Koji Being Silly in a Box
Koji Being Silly in a Box

You can see Koji relaxing in this box like a silly feline. But he is not a shy feline at all. We had a canine complaining about something for a long time. Koji got annoyed with it after a while, and he went to the window and growled loudly. I do not know if the canine heard him or not. But if the canine did, they stopped complaining!

Koji was very proud of himself and acted like he made the canine stop barking. The human and I are not sure. We do not know if the canine heard Koji. But Koji insists the canine did. The human just smiled and said, if you think so, Koji. I have a feeling the human is going to end up with a bitten toe or two.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 134. While this is significantly higher than the 120 they averaged last week, this is still a good average. We did have one time where my glucose level was lower than we want. So the human skipped my insulin shot, and then my blood sugar levels jumped.

Even with that, the average still looks good. We are starting to see good blood sugar readings, and this makes me and the human hopeful that we finally have my diabetes under good control. We will see if the white coated humans agree the next time I go to visit them.

But for now, I will enjoy feeling better and tolerate the insulin shots.


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