Human Helping Feline Needs Help Himself

Furiends, Jacey, Koji and I do not want to laugh at you humans too much. We especially do not want to laugh at humans who do things to help us felines. But sometimes, we cannot help it.

What else can we do when we hear about a human who went to help a feline stuck in a tree who got stuck in that tree himself?

Firefighters Rescued This Feline

That happened in Norfolk, Virginia. A human saw a feline stuck in a tree. He decided to help the feline, and climbed the tree, which was located in a park. This human started off okay, because he took a ladder to the tree. But then, he decided to climb the tree past the ladder. And he soon found out that he could not get back down!

The fire department responded to a call about a human and a feline stuck in a tree. They showed up, and worked for about 30 minutes to get the human back down. After that, since they were on the scene, they decided they would help the feline, too.

“Since [firefighters] had the gear already deployed, they tried to see if they could rescue the cat,” said one of the humans at the fire department. They reminded people “this is not something we normally do.”

Firefighters used a ladder truck, and coaxed the feline off the tree. Then they carefully lowered the feline down to an anxiously waiting human. Soon, everyone involved in the rescue — humans and felines — were happy.

Jacey, Koji and I are laughing at the human who found himself trapped in the tree. We can do that because everyone is safe. But remember, furiends, it is important to think about your own safety when you go to help a feline. Hopfully, the feline will stay inside now. That will definitely keep them from getting stuck in a tree!

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2 Replies to “Human Helping Feline Needs Help Himself”

  1. MEWHAHAHA! Firefighters should help cats stuck in trees if they do not currently have an emergency fire or accident to attend to- how long can it take with their equipment and the tax payers pay for their rescue of family members. Cats are family members too.

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