Diabetic Cat Elvis Is Searching for a Home

We diabetic cats need to stick together. So when I heard from Diabetic Cats in Need about a feline named Elvis looking for a home, I had to share his story. And furiends, if you want to help a diabetic cat without having to spend lots of green paper things, then Elvis is the cat for you.

You see, the kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians have Elvis in a foster home. If a kind human makes Elvis a forever foster, they are willing to pay the green paper things needed to treat his diabetes! Furiends, that means you will not have to pay for the insulin, testing supplies, and vet care that goes along with taking care of Elvis.

Help Diabetic Cat Elvis
Help Diabetic Cat Elvis

Elvis is a friendly cat, and he likes interacting with his people. The kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians have been trying to find him a home for a long time. But because he is diabetic, they are not having much luck. Do not get me wrong, furiends. Elvis enjoys his life with his foster humans. But he would like a home of his own, whether it’s a permanent foster home or a furever home.

Furiends, this is a good way for people in the Tucson area to help a diabetic cat. Whoever helps Elvis can take care of him without worrying about green paper things. They will get to see for themselves how easy it is to care for a diabetic cat. And they will learn how easy it actually is.

Do you think you could do this for Elvis? If you do, please contact the kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians. And if you cannot, please share his story. If you do that, more people will learn about Elvis and one of them can help.

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