Diabetic Cats in Need Raises Over $2,000

You all know that Diabetic Cats in Need is one of my favorite animal welfare groups. How could a diabetic cat like me not love an organization where kind humans help other felines battling diabetes?

On Giving Tuesday, they raised $2,375 thanks to kind humans like you. Because of this, they will be able to help many diabetic cats. Those green paper things will pay for at least 20 starter kits for felines fighting diabetes.

Because of the generosity of their donors, Diabetic Cats in Need will be able to help felines like Max, who lives in Johnston, Rhode Island. He left the white coated humans there, and he is living with a human who simply cannot give him the insulin he needs to thrive.

Diabetic Cats in Need is Helping Max

Diabetic Cats in Need is looking for a foster home for Max. Max likes other felines and enjoys being around canines. He does get annoyed when he goes to the white coated humans, but I doubt he is classified as “very fractious” like me.

The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need will help with the cost of insulin, testing supplies, and visits to the white coated humans. If you can help, please contact Max’s human.

I am glad that Diabetic Cats in Need received the green paper things they need to help felines like Max. Now let’s see if we can help him find a home or foster home. Please share his story so that someone can help.

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