Human Runs Cat Rescue Out of Towing Business

A kind human in Lakeland, Florida, is running a cat rescue out of her towing business. Bastet Little Cat Rescue got its start 15 years ago when the human behind it took their tow truck to a junk yard. They noticed a mother cat and her tiny felines, and they wanted to help.

From that small start, a cat rescue that now takes care of 75 cats grew. The human behind the rescue works very hard to make sure the felines get the noms and care they need. And sometimes, they have to give up things they want to make sure the felines they care for do well.

Their efforts help both the junkyards and the felines. One junkyard owner said they had approximately 20 feral cats in their junkyard before Bastet Little Cat Rescue came to help. Now, they are down to five. And one of the felines there has become their work pet.

The cat rescue efforts can be expensive and they are definitely labor intensive. But the kind human behind the rescue says they will not slow down.

“I don’t pick and choose what cats we take in,” they said. “We take them all in — broken legs, blind in one eye — and we care for the ones no one wants. The great people that I’ve come across willing to take these cats into their homes, it just warms my heart. It’s so rewarding. “

Furiends, this makes me happy for the felines who are being helped, the junkyards who no longer have feral cat issues, and the human behind the rescue!

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