Should Felines Go for Walks?

A scientist has gotten a lot of attention for saying that he thinks we felines are more like canines than you humans think. He says that we should go on walks.

This human, who is a deputy editor for Science, says that he has been walking his felines for 13 years. And, he says, more humans should do the same.

He said humans should “let our cats outside for thirty to sixty minutes a day to rove yards, stroll sidewalks and disappear into shrubbery.”

A feline enjoying being walked on a leash

But others do not agree, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. According to their experts, toys and cat trees are a better way to make sure we felines get the mental and physical stimulation we need.

“Some cats may be frightened by the experience of being on a lead, so we would ask all owners to take this in to consideration. This is because a sense of control is very important to cats and being walked on a collar or harness prevents them from having control.”

Regardless of what you think, make sure your feline wants to be walked before trying. Jacey, Koji and I all do not like it. Koji is the one who will allow the human to put him in a stroller to be pushed around, but even he does not like being in a harness.

But if your feline enjoys the leash, then they should be allowed to be on one. Just be sure to watch them to make sure they are safe!

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