January 20 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Last week, when I told you about my blood sugar readings, I was not happy about them. They were not horrible, but they were higher than we like. This week’s are much better.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 154. That is much lower than the 236 from the week before. And more importantly, my glucose readings this week were well below the level where complications will develop over the long term.

What made me even happier is that there were no readings where my glucose levels were low enough to be dangerous. That is good news, furiends. High blood sugar readings cause problems over time, but low ones can cause problems immediately.

Now I will share with you a funny picture. It looks like someone had a box where there were some tiny felines. But someone took that box, and put it near where one of my larger feline cousins lives. Even though my larger feline cousins are bigger than me, they are still cats. And they believe “if I fits, I sits” just like us smaller felines.

So that is what this tiger did. And when he did that, it made for an entertaining picture.

I do not recommend taking that feline home, furiends. The human has many scars from Jacey, Koji and me playing too rough. Imagine what a big feline like this one would do!

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