Diabetic Cat Sam Needs a Home

Diabetic Cats in Need told me about Sam and I wanted to share his story with you. Sam is a feline who’s going through a lot right now. His human is a college student who lives in San Francisco. Housing prices are very expensive there, and because housing is in high demand, many places that are available do not allow felines or canines.

Diabetic Cat Sam

And that is what Sam and his human are dealing with right now. His human has been with him for eight years. They found Sam in a parking lot and decided to help him. It is a good thing they did, because he was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago.

Sam doesn’t mind his twice daily insulin shots, but he is smart. He does not want to nom on the prescription food, so his human has to mix regular wet noms with it. But when they do that, Sam noms like he should.

He is a friendly and affectionate boy who loves to snuggle with his human. If he is not snuggling with you, he will sleep on your pillow. And this boy is interesting in that he likes canines, but does not get along well with other felines.

Can you help Sam find a good home? If you can, please contact his human. And if you cannot, please share his story so that others can help.

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