Many Felines and Canines Pulled from Hoarder

Normally, when I tell you about hoarding situations, the human doing the hoarding tries to help animals but gets overwhelmed. In the case of a human in western Missouri, this is not true.

Humane Society of Missouri‘s Animal Cruelty Task Force visited this human’s home for the third time in eight years. This time, they pulled 20 felines and 21 canines from the facility.

Humane Society of Missouri Rescuing Animals From a Hoarder

Humane Society of Missouri said the animals were living in a “waste filled, trash strewn, dilapidated small house.” These poor animals were forced to live in crates that were stacked on top of each other, and the crates were covered in urine and feces. Some of the poor animals were in crates with others. And two felines were close to death due to this abuse.

Most of the felines and canines could not drink water, and there were no traces of noms on the site. Not surprisingly, these poor animals were sick and suffering from parasitic infections.

And this is the third time authorities rescued animals from the hoarder. The first time, in 2011, authorities pulled 50 canines from the site. In 2017, they rescued 17 felines and 84 canines. And now this.

Furiends, normally I call for hoarders to get help. But this human clearly did not, so they need to be put in a cage where they will be forced to get the treatment they need.

I hope the felines and canines taken from this hoarder get a chance to thrive. And I am glad Humane Society of Missouri stepped in to help them.

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