Los Angeles Considers Felines to Solve Rat Problem

City Hall in Los Angeles has a problem with rats. This problem received more attention after the number of typhus cases in Los Angeles increased. One employee told a local television station they developed typhus after being bitten by an infected flea. That flea rode in on a rat, they said.

Working Cats Help Stop Rat Infestations

Some animal welfare activists have proposed a four legged solution — working cats. A human with Voice for the Animals Foundation said “I’ve never seen a place it didn’t work.” And they have experience placing working cats in City facilities, with three police stations patrolled not only by humans, but by felines.

An epidemiologist wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of felines in addressing the typhus problem. They said they worried the fleas might simply move from the rats to the felines. But the human with Voice for the Animals Foundation said the solution to that was simply treating the felines.

One of the City’s council members is discussing how a working cat program would work. Hopefully, they will bring the idea to the full council and it gets approved. Then, some feral felines who would likely lose their lives will get the chance to thrive. And they will keep the rats away from City Hall.

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