Feline and Human Reunited After 18 Months

Our humans become sad when they think they have lost their felines. A human in Bailey, North Carolina, suffered from this for almost 18 months. She came back from vacation, and could not find her feline named Pancake.

Pancake’s human said, “I looked all over the house. I looked under the furniture. I looked under the house. I looked outside. I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Pancake Found Her Human After Nearly 18 Months

Pancake’s human feared the worst, because another feline in the area had been killed by a coyote.

But then, Pancake’s human looked at the Facebook page of Purffect Hearts Cat Rescue and saw a feline who looked like Pancake. They contacted Purrfect Hearts to see if they could meet the feline they thought was Pancake.

At the reunion, Pancake’s human knew instantly she found her cat. Pancake happily greeted her. But Pancake wasn’t coming home alone. She had given birth to three kittens.

Pancake’s human took the kittens, too, and named them Carrot, Penguin, and Storm. While they can’t stay with their mother and her human, they already have humans who will adopt her.

Next for Pancake? She will get fixed, so she cannot have any more kittens. I hope she will live a long and happy life inside with her human.

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