Man Chooses Feline Over Ex-Girlfriend

Furiends one of the most inconsiderate and infuriating things someone can do is to require a human give up their furry friends as a condition of a relationship. It has happened to the human before, and he made the woman demanding it take a cab home!

A man recently heard from an ex-girlfriend, who he split up with due to religious differences. She said she would get back together with him, but only if he gave up his feline furiend.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye, then,” is how he responded to the offer. That is a lot more politely than Jacey, Koji, the human and I think he should have responded. I think he should have swatted her, but the human said that would get him in trouble. Apparently, you humans have rules against swatting other humans, even if they deserve it. The human said he would have used only two words and seven letters, with the second word being off.

This Feline Gets to Stay with His Human

But what is important is that the feline stayed with his human. They are happy together, and he is better off with the feline than the unreasonable woman. After all, if they split up once, they may have split up again. And then that poor human would be without his feline and without the woman, who doesn’t deserve either that human or a feline.

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