Firefighters Save Cat Trapped Under Car Seat

Firefighters sometimes helps felines stuck in trees. And they will also help canines and felines stuck in hot cars. But it is unusual for them to help a feline stuck under a car seat.

That is what happened in Brockton, Massachusetts recently. A woman called the Animal Control Department to let them know her feline had managed to get wedged under the seat of her car. Now, furiends, this is a reminder of why it is a good idea to put us felines in carriers when we are being moved. You do not know if we will get startled and go hiding in a place where we get stuck.

This Poor Feline Was Trapped and Needed Help From Firefighters

Animal Control responded, and sent an officer to help. But the officer was not able to help free the feline. So the fire department came to help. When they looked at how the cat had managed to get trapped, they were surprised. It would have taken the feline a lot of work to get stuck that way.

And it took a lot of work to help the feline get free. But eventually, the firefighters were able to create enough room to free the feline. The feline’s human thanked them, and then everyone went on their way.

Hopefully, the next time that human takes their feline somewhere, they put them in a carrier!

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