Koji and I Will Be Doing This Soon

April 16 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. If you celebrated Easter, I hope that you kept any lilies that you got far away from your feline furiends. They are very pretty flowers, but they are flowers that we felines must be kept away from. They can kill us!

The human spent a lot of time with us yesterday. He actually enjoyed a day off! Koji and I tell him that he needs to spend more days relaxing with us, but he says he cannot do that yet. I enjoyed sitting by his head and giving him occasional paw taps. Koji sat next to him and started to knead the cushions on the couch.

And the human let us out onto the balcony to work on our fur tans. We always enjoy that. We enjoy it even more now that there is catnip in one of the planter boxes on the balcony.

Koji and I Will Be Doing This Soon
Koji and I Will Be Doing This Soon

Nothing will ever make getting insulin shots and blood sugar tests enjoyable. But one thing that makes these less annoying is when they help keep my blood sugar levels well managed. And for the week, I think we can say they did that.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 165. That is much lower than the 204 we saw last week. I like it when my blood sugar readings are at this level. You see, the humans in white coats would say that I was not diabetic if they saw these. Of course, since I am getting insulin, that is not true.

Still, I like seeing my glucose levels here. It makes the human feel better because he feels like all the work he does for me is paying off. And that makes me feel better, too. But do not think that I will not swat the human if he annoys me. Just because he helps me does not mean he does not deserve an occasional swat!

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Bagheera is a wonderful and loving cat who started off his life on the wrong foot. Literally. He is a polydactyl and since breed standard for bengals does not allow polydactylism, he was given to an animal rescue group. His human had just lost a dear feline friend, but he was fascinated by both the bengal breed and the polydactylism. So he flew up to see Bagheera, and fell in love. He took Bagheera home the same day and Bagheera didn't even let out a peep when he went on a noisy loud small airplane. Several years later, Bagheera had to endure another plane ride, but this time, it was on a big airplane. He moved with his human to San Diego. And he was all set to enjoy a life of soaking up the southern California sun but then something else got in the way. Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant that he would have to overcome one more challenge. His diabetes is being treated with insulin and a low carb diet. He has gained back all the weight he lost and is the same active, happy, rambunctious cat that he was before his diagnosis. But he wants to help raise awareness of feline diabetes. He wants humans everywhere to realize that while diabetic cats require a little extra care and they cost more to keep healthy, they are loving and playful companions for the right humans!

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