Koji Almost Got One of These From Me

April 9 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. Koji made the human very exasperated this morning, and I finally had enough. I told Koji to stop annoying the human. I hissed at him, and yelled at him, and threatened to swat him. It worked. Koji stopped trying to get into the cabinet and walked away. The human is glad that I helped because Koji was driving him up crazy!

I hope that Koji learns his lesson. It bothers me when Koji does things that annoy the human! It is not fun to see the human so frustrated. Do you think Koji does it just to see the human get angry?

Koji Almost Got One of These From Me
Koji Almost Got One of These From Me

Well, regardless of what Koji did, it is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 204. That is up from the 174 that we saw last week, but we are still not at a level where I have to worry about complications from diabetes.

We will have to make sure we keep an eye on things for a while, because we do not want a situation where my blood sugar levels get too high. This is the life of a diabetic cat and it is what can make things challenging for the humans who care for us.

I am not worried, though. I know the human will continue to work hard to take care of me. He promised to do this when I was a tiny mitten kitten flying home with him. And he has kept this promise for 12 years. I know I am safe with the human.

He will keep my blood sugar levels managed as well as he can. And I will continue to let Koji know when he should stop doing things that annoy the human. This arrangement works for both of us!

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