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Bagheera is a wonderful and loving cat who started off his life on the wrong foot. Literally. He is a polydactyl and since breed standard for bengals does not allow polydactylism, he was given to an animal rescue group. His human had just lost a dear feline friend, but he was fascinated by both the bengal breed and the polydactylism. So he flew up to see Bagheera, and fell in love. He took Bagheera home the same day and Bagheera didn't even let out a peep when he went on a noisy loud small airplane. Several years later, Bagheera had to endure another plane ride, but this time, it was on a big airplane. He moved with his human to San Diego. And he was all set to enjoy a life of soaking up the southern California sun but then something else got in the way. Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant that he would have to overcome one more challenge. His diabetes is being treated with insulin and a low carb diet. He has gained back all the weight he lost and is the same active, happy, rambunctious cat that he was before his diagnosis. But he wants to help raise awareness of feline diabetes. He wants humans everywhere to realize that while diabetic cats require a little extra care and they cost more to keep healthy, they are loving and playful companions for the right humans!

Human Helping Feline Needs Help Himself

Furiends, Jacey, Koji and I do not want to laugh at you humans too much. We especially do not want to laugh at humans who do things to help us felines. But sometimes, we cannot help it.

What else can we do when we hear about a human who went to help a feline stuck in a tree who got stuck in that tree himself?

Firefighters Rescued This Feline

That happened in Norfolk, Virginia. A human saw a feline stuck in a tree. He decided to help the feline, and climbed the tree, which was located in a park. This human started off okay, because he took a ladder to the tree. But then, he decided to climb the tree past the ladder. And he soon found out that he could not get back down!

The fire department responded to a call about a human and a feline stuck in a tree. They showed up, and worked for about 30 minutes to get the human back down. After that, since they were on the scene, they decided they would help the feline, too.

“Since [firefighters] had the gear already deployed, they tried to see if they could rescue the cat,” said one of the humans at the fire department. They reminded people “this is not something we normally do.”

Firefighters used a ladder truck, and coaxed the feline off the tree. Then they carefully lowered the feline down to an anxiously waiting human. Soon, everyone involved in the rescue — humans and felines — were happy.

Jacey, Koji and I are laughing at the human who found himself trapped in the tree. We can do that because everyone is safe. But remember, furiends, it is important to think about your own safety when you go to help a feline. Hopfully, the feline will stay inside now. That will definitely keep them from getting stuck in a tree!

April 22 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Yesterday was Earth Day. I think it is only fitting to share with you this funny picture of how the earth is just a feline playing with Australia.

This is also proof, furiends, that the earth is not flat. Because if it was flat, the feline would have pushed Australia off the surface by now.

Now that I have shared a funny joke with you, it is time to get serious. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. Remember, last week, the human talked to the white coated humans about my blood sugar levels. They decided that we should adjust my insulin dose.

Both the human and the white coated humans thought my blood sugar levels were dropping too low. To prevent that, they decided to reduce my insulin dose by a half unit. And this seems to have worked.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 149. This is a good level, and if the humans in white coats did not know I was getting insulin, they would not even suspect I am fighting diabetes. And it is significantly lower than the week before, when my blood sugar levels averaged 171.

But what made the human and the white coated humans happy is that we did not see too many really low levels. None of my readings this week took me into hypoglycemia. As you know, hypoglycemia can be very dangerous! It can kill a feline quickly, so we try very hard to avoid it.

The human is very happy with the latest week’s results. Hopefully, the reduced insulin dose will help keep my blood sugar levels from going too low while also keeping them from going too high. It is a balance that we have to work on getting right. And the human, the white coated humans, and I all hope we have it right.

I will let you know about this next week. Until then, have as much fun as the feline playing with Australia is.


Meet Diabetic Cat Rosemary

One of the things I like to do with my furiends is share the stories of diabetic cats like me who are looking for homes. Diabetic Cats in Need tells me about them. They also tell me that sharing these stories helps felines find homes. And that is why I do it.

Diabetic Cat Rosemary

Today, I want to tell you about a diabetic cat named Rosemary. She is a fluffy ginger girl living in Denver. Rosemary, like me, is a senior cat. She is a couple of years older than me since she came into this world in 2003. Unfortunately for Rosemary, she lost her human, and she had to go to a shelter. Maxfund took her in an and has been caring for her since August 2017.

The kind humans at Maxfund say that Rosemary is one of their favorites. And why wouldn’t she be? She loves to greet humans, even ones she does not know well. Rosemary loves to be pet, and she doesn’t shy away from attention. This sweet girl needs a foster or furever home, because she is being kept in a cage in a small room. Rosemary tolerates this, but we all know she would prefer more space.

Rosemary is an easy going cat who likes just about anyone. She doesn’t mind small humans like some felines. The humans at Maxfund do not know about how Rosemary feels about canines. But she is the kind of feline who they feel would adapt to a respectful canine. They think she would do best in a quiet and calm home.

Do you have room in your home for Rosemary? If you do, please start the adoption process with Maxfund. And if you cannot take in this sweet ginger girl, please share her story. That may help her find a good furever home!