January 13 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. We have gotten quite a bit of rain over the last few days, and I have not been able to work on my fur tan. Yesterday, though, the sun broke through for a little bit. I was able to get into a sun puddle, and that made me happy!

My blood sugar readings for the week did not make me so happy. For the week, they averaged 236. That is a lot higher than last week, when they averaged 189. And what makes me and the human more worried is that this average is too close to the point where complications from diabetes can start to occur if my blood sugar remains there for a while.

Now, furiends, do not panic. We are not going to and we will work hard to see if we can get my blood sugar levels to behave a little more. We do not like this, but we have seen worse.

And while my blood sugar levels are higher than I want, that does not mean I am not having fun. Last night, I hopped on the bed and started to purr like crazy. I purred so loudly by the human’s head that he woke up.

Me Relaxing on a Nice Comfortable Pad

The human will do what he normally does and work to get my blood sugar readings under control. Hopefully, I will have better news for you next week.

January 6 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I am relaxing and enjoying the day today. It is a nice day today and I am able to enjoy catching sunbeams through the windows. Yesterday was not so nice because I could not. It was raining, you see. And furiends, even though the human tells me we need the rain, I do not like rainy days.

I am making sure the human tells you about my blood sugar readings

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 189. That is a little lower than the 197 they averaged the week before. These levels are good, solid numbers. They are nowhere near a point where they will cause problems over the long term.

It seems like things are getting better with my blood sugar levels. And that makes me happy and relaxed. I am getting older, furiends, and the more relaxed and calm I am, the better.

Koji also helps by entertaining me and the human. The other day, the human was cleaning his dirty laundry. As soon as the human finished putting his dirty laundry in the machine, Koji jumped into the hamper. The human decided he would move the hamper back into the closet, and he figured Koji would jump right out.

Instead, Koji decided to let the human carry him in the hamper to the closet. And he did not jump out even when the human closed the closet door. Instead, he stayed in the hamper and hopped out when he felt like it. Silly Koji!

Well, furiends, I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next week. Until then, I hope you have as much fun as Koji did.

December 30 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. I will also tell you about what the human did for me on Catmas.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 197. That is up a lot from last week’s 156. But we do not mind. You see, last week, there were times where my blood sugar was lower than we want, and that can be dangerous. This week, there weren’t any incidents like that. And even the higher average is well below the point where complications start to develop over the long term.

And now to tell you about Catmas. We do not have white watery things falling from the sky around here. But it did rain on Catmas, which is good. The human tells me we need the rain, and getting some on Catmas was a present to everyone.

Nomming out of the Catmas present

For another present, he human gave Jacey, Koji, and me a new dish to eat noms from. It is a nice dish, with a picture of a fish in the center of it. And it comes from Tiffany, which I hear is a store you humans like a lot.

So it was a good Catmas for us felines. I hope yours was as enjoyable.

Well, furiends, it is now time for me to wish you a Happy New Year! Stay safe if you celebrate, and stay warm because I know it will be cold in many places.