Kind Human Runs Cat Rescue at College

A kind human working for a community college in Hagerstown, Maryland has another full time job. They founded Into the Wild Cat Rescue, and they are the driving force behind the organization.

The organization has been around for about two years, but the human behind it helped felines for many years before. That is why other humans call her the cat lady.

People just know me as caring for the cats,” said this human. She added, “I just had a kitten brought to me about two weeks ago found in front of the administration building. She’s in foster care right now.”

And Into the Wild Cat Rescue helps felines who are in much more need of help. Recently, they helped a feline named Moo Moo. This feline, who got his name because he looks like a cow, suffered a broken pelvis after being hit by a car around Thanksgiving. He is now doing better thanks to the help he received from Into the Wild Cat Rescue.

Into the Wild Cat Rescue is Helping Miss Mitzi

The rescue does all of its work without a central facility. They rely on a network of foster homes to take care of felines. And they help special needs felines, too, like a cat with leukemia and a cat with FIV.

Seeing kind humans helping felines makes me very happy. If you want to help Into the Wild Cat Rescue, head over to their Facebook page, like it, and give some green paper things if you can.

My Fellow Bengal Needs Help

Bengal cats like me, Jacey, and Koji are very active and playful. Sometimes, this gets us in trouble. For example, the human was able to adopt Jacey because she escaped her human’s home and got onto the roof. Koji joined our clowder after the humans who were caring for him decided he was too rambunctious.

And a bengal cat in Singapore named Akimbo got in trouble, too, except he got hurt badly as a result. The poor guy fell nine stories from an apartment. His humans quickly took him to the white coated humans. Because of their quick action, Akimbo survived and is healing.

My Fellow Bengal Cat Akimbo Needs Help

But he has a wound that will not heal, and his humans have a tiny human in the home. Because of this, the white coated humans advised that Akimbo go somewhere else. There is too much risk of infection.

His humans found a place to send Akimbo where he can get the care he needs. At Avalo Cat Sanctuary, kind humans will tend to his wound, express his bladder since he cannot go by himself, and give him physical therapy. Hopefully, this will help Akimbo recover.

But first, he needs to get from Singapore to South Carolina. And furiends, this means his humans need green paper things. The green paper things will help cover his travel expenses.

Do you have a few green paper things you can spare to help Akimbo make his way across the world? If you do, please help. And if you cannot help, please share his story so that others can.

Why We Felines Talk at Night

Furiends, last night, Koji decided that he would start talking to the human in the middle of the night. The human got annoyed, and told Koji to be quiet. After a few minutes, Koji decided to hop onto the bed by the human and he, the human and I went back to sleep.

Koji Relaxing

In Koji’s case, we know exactly why he was talking to the human. I think Koji has seen the human use the white watery litter box one too many times. You humans get rid of the waste that goes in there every time you use it. Koji seems to expect the same for the litter box.

Koji will pee in the litter box, and then demand the human clean it. As soon as the human does, he will hop in the box, poop in it, and then demand the human clean it again! So when Koji uses the litter box in the night, he talks to the human to tell him to clean it.

But other felines have other reasons for talking in the night. According to Catster, here are a few of them:

  • Relocation can be difficult for felines. Whether it’s a cat who has lived with you who moved to a new place, an adult cat who joined the home recently, or a playful kitten who was adopted, moving often makes us anxious. And we felines express this by talking.
  • We are bored and want you to help entertain us. Sometimes, we will demand this in the middle of the night.
  • We are hungry or thirsty and we are letting you know. If you are smart, you will not give in to this, or we will start to demand noms when you are sleeping!
  • There is a health related issue, such as dementia in an older feline.
  • We saw something outside that disturbed us, like another cat, and we are letting you know.

The good news is that in most cases, there is an easy fix to us waking you up by meowing in the middle of the night. You can just ignore us, and when we realize you will not respond like we want you to, we will stop.

Of course, if you suspect a medical issue, make sure you take us to the white coated humans.

As for Koji, the human says he will either train him to use the toilet or he can just deal with the litter box not being pristine. I do not know if the human wants to train Koji to use the toilet. Because if he does, Koji will enjoy flushing the toilet and watching the water swirl around!