Help Diabetic Cat Ozzy Find a Home

Hello, furiends. You may have noticed that my website was not working for a few days. That is because of a billing issue with the company that provides the hosting. You see, the human’s credit card was used fraudulently, and when the human got a new one, he forgot to update the information for the hosting company.

But now everything is okay, and I am back online. And I want to tell you about one of my fellow diabetic cats who needs a home. I learned about him through Diabetic Cats in Need.

Diabetic Cat Ozzy Needs a Home

This feline’s name is Ozzy and he lives not too far from where I used to live. He is being fostered by a kind human with Chesapeake Cats and Dogs in Queenstown, Maryland. Ozzy is like me. He needs to be on a canned food only diet and he needs insulin shots.

Sadly, before Ozzy came to Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, his diabetes was untreated. And because of this, he developed neuropathy, where his hind legs don’t work properly. The humans in white coats are hopeful he will recover with proper treatment of his diabetes.

Ozzy loves humans, and he enjoys posing for the camera. He will purr loudly when his humans pet him. And he also will roll all over to help them find the right spot to pet.

Can you take my fellow diabetic cat into your home? If you can, please contact Chesapeake Cats and Dogs. And if you cannot, please share his story so that he can find a home.

Feline and Human Reunited After 18 Months

Our humans become sad when they think they have lost their felines. A human in Bailey, North Carolina, suffered from this for almost 18 months. She came back from vacation, and could not find her feline named Pancake.

Pancake’s human said, “I looked all over the house. I looked under the furniture. I looked under the house. I looked outside. I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Pancake Found Her Human After Nearly 18 Months

Pancake’s human feared the worst, because another feline in the area had been killed by a coyote.

But then, Pancake’s human looked at the Facebook page of Purffect Hearts Cat Rescue and saw a feline who looked like Pancake. They contacted Purrfect Hearts to see if they could meet the feline they thought was Pancake.

At the reunion, Pancake’s human knew instantly she found her cat. Pancake happily greeted her. But Pancake wasn’t coming home alone. She had given birth to three kittens.

Pancake’s human took the kittens, too, and named them Carrot, Penguin, and Storm. While they can’t stay with their mother and her human, they already have humans who will adopt her.

Next for Pancake? She will get fixed, so she cannot have any more kittens. I hope she will live a long and happy life inside with her human.

March 3 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I was not happy when I heard the news about my fellow bengal cat Duke. Duke and I later became more similar when he developed diabetes, so I became even more attached to him. I am sad he has left us. But I am happy that the beginning and end of his life was with kind humans who cared for him deeply. And I am sure he is glad that he left us with those kind humans around him to say goodbye.

My Furiend Duke Look Surprised Here

But as the human reminds us, eventually, all of us, whether we have four legs like me or two legs like him, will leave us. All we can do is enjoy the time we have with each other.

And one thing that is making the time the human and I spend together more pleasant these days is my blood sugar. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 124. That is much lower than the 179 we saw last week. The human and I are even happier because the blood sugar levels we are seeing are in the normal range. If the white coated humans did not know I was diabetic, they would not diagnose me as such.

One of the things the human did is switch my noms. He did not do this because he wanted to. Instead, he did it because they did not have our normal noms in the store. When he did it, he noticed two things. First, my stools became firmer and less smelly. And, he noticed that my blood sugar levels seemed to drop.

He does not know if this is just a random development that has nothing to do with the noms switch. But as long as this continues, he is not going to go back to the older noms.

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next week. Hopefully, the trend with them continues, furiends.