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Bengal Cat Bagni Needs a Home

We bengal cats are not good in every human’s home. We are very rambunctious and playful cats. And that means humans who bring a bengal cat into their life must be ready to provide us with the mental and physical stimulation we need. If they do not, we will find it on our own. And the poor humans who share their homes with us may not like how their homes look after we do!

A human in Racine, Wisconsin, surrendered their bengal because of this. Now, Bagni lives in a foster home associated with Wisconsin Humane Society. Bagni lost some hair due to a flea problem. Treatment cleared up the fleas very quickly. The white coated humans also did dental work on her.

Bagni must go to a home that is experienced with cats. She can go to a home with another feline if that feline is calm. The humans at Wisconsin Humane Society are also willing to consider sending her to a home with a canine.

Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal
Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal

Bagni probably sounds like a wonderful feline to you. There is one problem. She overstimulates easily. I am sure you are not surprised by this, because many bengals share this trait with her. When Bagni get pet, she will overstimulate quickly. Sometimes, she overstimulates herself when she gives head bonks! She responds to overstimulation by biting humans.

Bagni’s bites do not break the skin. But because she bites, the humans at Wisconsin Humane Society cannot put her in their adoption program.

Bagni is eight years old. She lived with two other felines. One of them was also eight, and she got along with that feline. She did not like the younger feline.

Do you think you can give Bagni a home, furiends? If you can, please contact the rescue group that is helping her.  If you cannot, please share Bagni’s story so that someone can give her a good home.

Diabetic Cat Donna Needs a Home

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need does a lot of good work to help felines like me find good homes. I am going to tell you about a diabetic cat they are looking to find a home for. Her name is Donna.

Donna, at ten years, is a senior cat like I am. She is not in immediate need of help, because she is living in a foster home. But her journey there was very difficult and challenging.

You see, Donna lived in a home with a human for a long time and then she was dumped at a shelter in New Jersey. The shelter took her in, but she did not like being in a cage. She completely shut down. Fortunately for her, the shelter placed her in an adoption center. Donna did not find a home in that adoption center, so she went into a foster home.

This was good for Donna. You see, when she goes into a cage, she does not do well. She shuts down completely. And, the stress she is under causes her blood sugar levels to spike. When that happened, the humans in white coats diagnosed her with diabetes.

Now that Donna lives in a loving foster home, she is doing much better. She does not need insulin shots. She is a lucky feline, because her blood sugar levels are managed through diet alone!

Diabetic Cat Donna Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Donna Needs a Home

Donna likes a calm and quiet home. She is very sweet, but she will not hop into your lap like some felines do. That does not mean she is not a loving feline. Donna likes being near her humans, and she will follow her foster humans around the home. And, she loves to look out the window to see what is going on outside.

Donna enjoys being around other respectful and calm felines. She does require a proper introduction to them. In her current foster home, she roams throughout the home, and does not worry about the other felines.

Do you have space in your home for Donna? If you do, please contact the human who is caring for her. And if you cannot take this kind feline in, please share her story so that someone else can!

Why Felines Stop Using The Litter Box

Furiends, you remember how I told you that I started going outside of the litter box a few days ago and it drove the human nuts? Well, we have reached a kind of compromise between me and the human. He carries me into the box, and sets me down in there. And then, I pee in the box. And when I do, furiends, it takes a while for me to get it all out.

But furiends, this is not something we can continue to do for a long time. The human is going to talk to the white coated humans to see if there is something happening with me.

After all, I was using that litter box for a long time without any problems. So it is unusual for me to go outside of it. And that is why the human will talk to the white coated humans.

When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans
When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans

If a feline stops using the litter box in your home, it is important for you to talk to the white coated humans. For male felines, it is even more important to do that quickly. You see, we could have a partial blockage. That means it is painful for us to urinate. Our feline brain associates the litter box with painful urination, so we stop going there.

If the white coated human finds this out and treats it, then the problem will likely go away. No more coming home to a carpet that smells like a litter box for you!

But if the white coated humans find out that we are healthy, then it is all behavioral. And that means you will have to think like a feline. What happened to get us to stop using the litter box? It can be many things, and you will have to be a good detective to figure it out. The human thinks it is because Koji ambushed me when I came out of the box, so I do not want to go in there again.

But he is not sure, because I poop in the box. In fact, I did that right when the human was typing this! So the human will have to play detective more.

Hopefully he will figure it out, so that everyone in the home will be happy.