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Felines Like Humans More than Noms

There are many humans who say that we felines only like our humans because they provide us with noms. We definitely appreciate it when you humans give us noms. But that is not the only reason we like you. And now, scientists have discovered that felines actually like humans more than we like noms! Scientists at Oregon State University decided to apply the same tests that had been conducted on canines and turtles to felines. They wanted to see if these tests would help clear up the reputation we Read more [...]

Jobs Cats Do for Humans

Furiends, with me telling you about the Blue Collar Cats program in Washington, DC a couple of days ago, I thought it would be fun to tell you about other jobs that felines do for humans. There is the obvious, where we keep rodents away from things you humans want to protect. That is why we came to you in the first place. But felines have also been good nocturnal guards. A bengal like me, Jacey, and Koji wandered through a toy warehouse in England. Humans there decided that she would make Read more [...]

Humans Turn to Felines for Rodent Control

Furiends, some of you may know that the human and I used to live in the Washington DC area before we moved to San Diego. That is why I can tell Jacey and Koji, who are Southern California cats, about what it is like for things to get very cold and about white watery things falling from the sky. And it is why I am glad that some businesses where I used to live are turning to felines for pest control. A new organization formed after the Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue Read more [...]