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July 23 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. The human tells me it has been a hectic few days around here. There was some convention in town where a lot of people dress up as comic book characters, and go to see other humans talk. And many of them decided to visit a house panther who looks like Batcat.

Furiends, I know the human was working hard because the talking box started talking sooner than it normally does. Right around the time I liked to hop on the bed by the human and purr, it went off. I did not have the chance to give the human purr therapy as much.

Koji worried that the human was leaving for a while. I told Koji not to worry, since he took Jacey with him. Every night, Jacey would come back with the human. I knew the human was tired because he would plop down on the couch. I would join him and so would Koji, and we helped him relax.

The Human Did a Lot of This Last Week

The human kept good track of my blood sugar readings even though he worked very hard over the past week. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 196. That is higher than what we saw the week before. Still, we do not mind these numbers too much. They are well below the level where complications can arise.

The human is more concerned about the hypoglycemic reading that we got. You see, while high blood sugar readings cause problems over time, low blood sugar readings can be dangerous immediately. And that is why we really have to watch them.

We will keep on working to keep my blood sugar levels where they belong. Even though the human was very tired, he stayed committed to making sure my blood sugar levels were okay. I think I will keep this human around. Is that a good idea, furiends?

Humans in White Coats Save Tiny Feline

I do not like going to the humans in white coats. I know they are there to help me, and they do not want to cause any pain. But I do not like it when they stick me with needles or touch me in places I do not want to be touched. I tolerate this, but I do not like it. Sometimes, though, these white coated humans do very kind things for us felines.

A tiny feline was not feeling well, and someone took him to the humans in white coats. They diagnosed him with an eye infection, and the human who brought him in opted for euthanasia. But the humans in white coats refused, and took in the tiny feline.

This tiny feline’s eye infection was due to a chronic upper respiratory infection. And the tiny feline suffered from ringworm as well. That did not discourage one of the employees at the white coated humans, because they immediately took the tiny feline home.

It took a lot of work and a lot of love, but this tiny feline started to recover. He also needed to be bottle fed because he was so young. But that did not discourage the kind human who took in this tiny feline. They kept working to help him recover, and gave him a name. They called the tiny feline Gozer.

Gozer Is a Happy and Healthy Cat
Gozer Is a Happy and Healthy Cat

After a while, Gozer recovered and started to show his personality. He’s a playful and fun cat with a very expressive face. Gozer makes his humans smile every day. And he likes to show them how grateful he is.

It makes me very happy that a human cared enough for Gozer to take him in even though he was very sick. I am glad he recovered. But his humans are even happier to have him around!

Company Contributes $10,000 to Help Feral Cats

Furiends, many people and companies want to help feral felines. There is Love Your Feral Felines near where I live. And not too far from me, a feral colony was at risk. But kind humans stepped in to help them, and a company contributed $10,000 to help these felines.

A dozen cats were living in a makeshift shelter in the corner of a parking lot. They had lived there for 22 years, and some of the humans caring for these felines were employees of Northrup Grumman. This only makes sense, since the parking lot was for the facility that company operated.

A new property management company took over, and one of the first things they did is tell the humans caring for the felines they needed to take down the shelter. Furiends, you know as well as I do that this would have been a death sentence for the felines living there.

The six humans who had been taking care of the feral colony for years were stunned. They asked for time to trap and relocate the felines. And the property management company granted that time, with their tenant, Northrup Grumman, pushing them to do so.

One of the Northrup Grumman Feral Cats Saved
One of the Northrup Grumman Feral Cats Saved

It took a while, but the kind humans helping these feral cats were able to trap all of them. Five of the cats in this feral colony found furever homes. The rest of the felines went to a facility near Santa Barbara. This facility, named VIVA, sits on 42 acres of land. The relocated felines will have lots of room to roam!

And Northrup Grumman came through with a donation to cover the expenses of this move. They gave $10,000 to People and Cats Together. This group worked very closely with the volunteers to help them get the felines to safety.

Like one of the humans helping these feral cats, I am happy they are safe. But I do not like how their home for 22 years was taken away from them. It doesn’t make any sense, furiends and the property management company who decided to do this deserves many swats!