Diabetic Cat Winona Needs a Home

The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need shared Winona’s story. I wanted to make sure you saw it so that you could help her.

One of the white coated humans working for MaxFund in Denver found a feline wandering outside. They thought this feline might be pregnant, so they took her to the MaxFund facility. They found out that the feline was not pregnant, which was good news. After treating the feline and spaying her, they named her Winona.

Soon, the white coated humans learned that Winona is a diabetic cat. They put her on a special diet, and something very good happened, furiends. Winona’s diabetes was able to be controlled with diet only! That means she does not have to endure the ear sticks and insulin shots most diabetic cats deal with.

Diabetic Cat Winona Needs a Home

When Winona arrived in the shelter, she was very friendly and loved interacting with people. But she does not like the noise and activity at the shelter, and it has started to bother her. Now, she gets irritable and will require a kind human who understands that they will have to rebuild trust with her.

Even though Winona is not happy in the shelter, she still likes to play. Wand toys are her favorite. They are a good way for whoever adopts Winona to get her to trust them. And once she does trust a human, she loves getting scratches under her chin.

Winona does not like other felines at the shelter, although the white coated humans think that might change when she gets a home of her own. They do not know how she does around canines. But with a slow introduction, it’s likely she will be okay.

Do you have room in your home for this feline? If you do, please start the application process with MaxFund. And if you cannot, please share Winona’s story so that she can find a home.

Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Wants a Home

Good morning, furiends. Today, I will share with you the story of Quinn Quantum. My good furiends at Diabetic Cats in Need told me about him, and I wanted to let you know about him.

Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Is Looking for a Home
Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Is Looking for a Home

Quinn is a ten year old feline living with Austin Pets Alive. And the contrast between his white whiskers and black fur really stands out, furiends. It is the first thing many humans notice about him.

He is a calm cat. If the other felines in his foster home get too rambunctious, Quinn will find another room to watch them from. And he will return to the clowder when things calm down. But he does not get angry about it. He just prefers to not participate.

Quinn likes to talk, and he has a unique voice. He gets very curious about what his humans are doing, and will ask about it. He is a feline who enjoys watching his humans and everything they do. Quinn also loves to sit next to his humans and snuggle with them.

You might think a calm and mellow feline like Quinn would not like small humans. But he does! And he especially enjoys spending time with his humans while relaxing on his fleece blanket.

Like me, Quinn needs to be on nom on wet food only given twice a day. And he receives an insulin shot after each meal. But other than that, Quinn is just like any other cat.

Can you give my fellow diabetic cat a home? If you can, please email Austin Pets Alive and let them know. If not, please share his story so that someone can give him the home he’s looking for.

Three Bonded Canines Seeking Home

Normally, I stick to sharing stories about felines. I especially like telling you about special needs felines. But today, I want to tell you about three special canines that need a home.

Sometimes, we four legged creatures develop bonds that require us to stay together. If something were to happen to the human, Jacey, Koji and I could all go to separate homes. We would miss our feline siblings, but we would adapt.

But there are felines and canines who are considered bonded. Bonded animals must stay together. When bonded animals are separated, it causes problems. They will stop eating, eliminate inappropriately, and display anxiety.

Edmonton Humane Society Wants to Find A Home for This Bonded Trio
Edmonton Humane Society Wants to Find A Home for This Bonded Trio

Edmonton Humane Society wants to adopt out three bonded canines. Goliath, Gunther, and Gasket are Saint Bernards. They are big dogs, furiends. Jacey, Koji, and I could all ride on their backs. And I am sure Koji would try if he met them.

Combined, these three canines weigh 350 pounds. But the humans caring for them at Edmonton Humane Society say they are “gentle giants” who have “won over the hearts of staff and volunteers.” Just be ready for “excessive drool” from these canines. And the human thinks I drool too much?

Because these canines are so large, they cannot go to a home where there are small humans. They are kind canines, but they are so big that just playing with small humans could be dangerous.

Edmonton Humane Society is being very diligent in making sure these three to go to the right home. They require potential adopters to email them for an appointment. And all humans in the home must be there for the interview.

Furiends, it will be a big challenge for Edmonton Humane Society to find a home for these canines. I hope these canines find that home, and that they get to enjoy long and happy lives together.