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Diabetic Cat Geoffrey Needs a Home

Because I am a diabetic cat, I watch what Diabetic Cats in Need does. And right now, I know they are looking for a home for a feline with diabetes. His name is Geoffrey, and he needs to find a home fast. Poor Geoffrey is going through a lot right now. He likely is going to lose his human, because they are sick with a brain tumor. They cannot care for Geoffrey and a kind human is paying for a pet sitter to give him the insulin he needs. But this cannot continue for long, and we need to help Read more [...]

Fleas on Felines

Furiends, one of the things that many humans think is that if their feline is indoor only, they cannot get fleas. Unfortunately, this is not true. Do not forget, you humans go outside, and sometimes, a flea will get on you! While they do not like you humans as much as they like us felines, they may come inside the home with you. And then when that flea gets on us, it can create problems. For felines like me and Koji, who go on the balcony, there is another way fleas can get to us. Fleas can hop Read more [...]

Cats of Melbourne Turns to Humor To Adopt Out Cat

You humans can be silly sometimes. One example is how some of you are reluctant to adopt black cats. I do not know why this is true. I think that house panthers are great additions to the right home. But for some reason, there are many humans who do not want a black cat. One cat rescue group in Melbourne, Australia, addressed this situation with humor. They want to get a feline named Mr. Biggles adopted, and they decided to use a humorous biography of this feline to do it. They described Read more [...]