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Bengal Cat Bagni Needs a Home

We bengal cats are not good in every human’s home. We are very rambunctious and playful cats. And that means humans who bring a bengal cat into their life must be ready to provide us with the mental and physical stimulation we need. If they do not, we will find it on our own. And the poor humans who share their homes with us may not like how their homes look after we do!

A human in Racine, Wisconsin, surrendered their bengal because of this. Now, Bagni lives in a foster home associated with Wisconsin Humane Society. Bagni lost some hair due to a flea problem. Treatment cleared up the fleas very quickly. The white coated humans also did dental work on her.

Bagni must go to a home that is experienced with cats. She can go to a home with another feline if that feline is calm. The humans at Wisconsin Humane Society are also willing to consider sending her to a home with a canine.

Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal
Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal

Bagni probably sounds like a wonderful feline to you. There is one problem. She overstimulates easily. I am sure you are not surprised by this, because many bengals share this trait with her. When Bagni get pet, she will overstimulate quickly. Sometimes, she overstimulates herself when she gives head bonks! She responds to overstimulation by biting humans.

Bagni’s bites do not break the skin. But because she bites, the humans at Wisconsin Humane Society cannot put her in their adoption program.

Bagni is eight years old. She lived with two other felines. One of them was also eight, and she got along with that feline. She did not like the younger feline.

Do you think you can give Bagni a home, furiends? If you can, please contact the rescue group that is helping her.  If you cannot, please share Bagni’s story so that someone can give her a good home.

November 12 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Then I will tell you about a problem the human is having with me and ask for your help.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 173. This is pretty much the same as the week before, when they averaged 178. The human is concerned that a couple of mornings, my blood sugar went very low. It has him even more concerned that even though there were plenty of noms in my dish, I did not eat them.

And I complained to the human about not having any noms when the talking box started talking in the morning. He does not understand why I did not nom on what was left in my dish when I was clearly hungry.

But the human will keep working to make sure that my blood sugar levels stay where they belong. He is just confused by my refusal to nom when there was food left in my dish!

Now, on to the problem that the human cannot figure out. I am not a feline who goes outside of the litter box. The exception to this was when I had undiagnosed diabetes. Because I had to pee so much, I could not make it to the litter box and went on the carpet. The human did not like this, but when he learned I was battling diabetes, it all made sense.

Well, the other day, the human noticed that a part of the bedroom smelled like urine. He did not understand this, because he had seen me use the litter box earlier. And Koji, for all his issues, does not go outside of the litter box. But later, he saw me urinating on that spot.

The human sprayed the spot with Nature’s Miracle and cleaned it with a spot cleaner. He even put some old rags on there to absorb any left over moisture and urine. But, I went back there and peed on the rags. And this morning, the human saw me heading over there. He shooed me away, and picked me up and put me in the litter box. I relieved myself, and acted like nothing was wrong after that.

The human does not understand why I would do this. He saw Koji ambush me once when I went to the bathroom in the litter box. Do you think this could be why I do not want to go in there anymore?

What should the human do?

Truck Driver Saves Cat Found on Road

Furiends, roads are good for you humans to drive your metal boxes with wheels, but they are not good for felines. There are too many heavy things moving at high speeds. Even with our feline agility, it is very dangerous for us.

A kind human who was driving their truck noticed a feline in the middle of the street and knew this. They stopped the truck and rescued the feline. The feline was wandering on the street in a woody area, which means the poor feline was either separated from their mother or dumped by a cruel human.

Fortunately for this feline, a kind human saved them before they got hit by a car. Their rescuer took them to the white coated humans and the white coated humans examined the cat. The white coated humans learned the feline was a girl. Then they treated her for fleas and gave her noms.

The white coated humans told the rescuer the feline was ready to go after her treatment. Soon, she was in the human’s truck, on the way to their home. You might think that the human who rescued the feline would take the next step and adopt her. But they could not.

This Tiny Feline was Saved by a Kind Human
Tiny Feline Sleeping in her Rescuer’s Truck

Sadly, this kind human who helped the feline is very allergic to us felines. So they could not keep the feline. But they did not want to abandon her. They committed to enduring their allergies until they could find the feline a good home.

The feline’s rescuer actively sought out humans to give the cat a good home. They interviewed two people, and turned one of them down because they did not think the living environment would be good for the feline.

But the second person they interviewed promised to give the feline a good home. And so they sent the cat they rescued home with them. Just think, kind humans. This feline is thriving because a kind human cared enough to stop and save them!