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When Felines Don’t Cover Our Poop

Furiends, many felines will cover their solid waste when they go to the litter box. But some of us do not. For example, in my home, I rarely cover my poop. Jacey sometimes does, and sometimes she does not. And Koji always covers his. That is three bengal cats in one home, all with different preferences for covering our poop.

Why is it that some of us felines cover our poop and others do not? You humans have many theories.

What Does It Mean When We Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?
What Does It Mean When Felines Do Not Cover After Doing This?

First, there could be a medical condition that causes us to associate the litter box with pain. If that is the case, then of course we do not want to spend any more time than we have to there. But if we do not have issues peeing in the litter box, it is unlikely this is the case.

Many smart humans think the reason we do this is behavioral. Some felines never learned to cover their messes because their mothers did not show them how or they were taken from their mothers too quickly.

Another reason we may not cover our solid waste in the litter box is because we have learned there is no need to do this. We felines cover our waste outside because we do not want predators to know we are around. But inside a home with you kind humans that is not needed because there are no predators!

Other humans say we do this because we want other felines and humans to know we are around. We are saying, this is my territory and I belong here.

Whatever the reason, the human does not mind us not covering our solid waste. He says it smells no matter what. And when we do not cover our poop, it is easier for him to scoop up and flush down the toilet.

What do you think of felines not covering their poop?

Jacey Talks to You

Hello, furiends. It is Jacey. I have not talked to you in a while, and Bagheera wants me to tell you how things are going. I know you are all curious about how things are going with me. They are going just fine, furiends. When the human goes to work, I go in with him. And then when he returns for the night, he brings me back.

I do not fight the human when he puts me in the carrier, but when I am in the car, I complain to him about the ride. I do not like the ride. The human thought it might be because I am in the carrier, so he let me out one time. I still meowed very loudly and complained the whole time. So the human decided to keep me in the carrier. It is safer, and if I am going to complain anyway, it does not make sense to let me out.

Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel
Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel

Koji is getting better about not annoying me. He sometimes bothers me, but when I yell at him to go away, he usually walks away. Sometimes, the human has to tell him to leave me alone. And when Bagheera yells at Koji, too, it can get very loud in the home!

That is what happened early this morning. Koji came into the bathroom and started talking to me. That does not bother me, but then he jumped up onto the shelf that I like to sit on. I got very angry and screamed at Koji. I managed to get away from Koji, but I was still yelling.

The human came in to help, and so did Bagheera. My big brofur was very angry, and he even took a swat at the human! The human has wounds on his legs because of this. But he was able to get Koji off my shelf. Then he put Koji in the hallway, and Bagheera yelled at Koji.

The human treated his wounds and went back to sleep for a little while. And when he woke back up, both Bagheera and Koji had calmed down. Besides, they were hungry, and they wanted to eat their noms. No time to be angry at the human!

Furiends, do not worry about me. I am happy and as soon as the human came in to say hello to me after the talking box started talking, I gave him many head bonks and purred. I do not like the ride to and from work, but the human tells me this is normal.

June 5 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. Before I do that, I want to share a funny story about the human with you.

The human, Koji, and I were surprised when we learned that we felines had fleas. We are indoor cats, after all, and fleas are not something we would expect to get. Well, we got them. The human treated us, and we felines are doing much better. But the human is not so lucky.

Watching the Human Do Silly Things
Watching the Human Do Silly Things

The human changed the bedsheets yesterday. He did not know fleas were in there. Some of them got onto him. He did not like it at all! He knocked the fleas off his skin, and then swatted them with his hand. I do not know if he killed all the fleas he saw, but I think he felt better.

After getting treated for fleas, my blood sugar levels have climbed. This is not a surprise, furiends. After all, with those annoying creatures sucking my blood, it is not a surprise that I had a lower blood sugar level. And the human thinks this may be why my blood sugar levels climbed this week.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 226. That is a lot higher than the 169 we saw last week. It is also too close to the 250 level where bad things may start to happen if my blood sugar remains there for a long time.

The human will keep my dosing at three units for another week, and we will see if my blood sugar levels drop a bit. If they do not, he will likely increase my insulin dose to 3.5 units. I do not like this, furiends. Knowing that I have a human who will help me makes me feel a lot better, though.

And next week, I will let you know what happens.