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May 21 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. It is time for you to tell me about my blood sugar readings. Before I do that, I will tell you about something funny that Koji did that made both me and the human laugh. Both Koji and I like to lick the human's plate when he is done nomming. Normally, this does not cause any problems. The human does not care, because he is done nomming. We tell him that we are helping him by putting our enzymes on the plate to help break down the leftover food. And, we remind him, when Read more [...]

Cats of Melbourne Turns to Humor To Adopt Out Cat

You humans can be silly sometimes. One example is how some of you are reluctant to adopt black cats. I do not know why this is true. I think that house panthers are great additions to the right home. But for some reason, there are many humans who do not want a black cat. One cat rescue group in Melbourne, Australia, addressed this situation with humor. They want to get a feline named Mr. Biggles adopted, and they decided to use a humorous biography of this feline to do it. They described Read more [...]

Reviewing A Home Like Humans Review Restaurants

I do not know if you have seen the recent Buzzfeed article on what it would be like if we felines reviewed the home like you humans review restaurants. But I saw it, and I thought it was quite amusing. They covered many rooms, but they did not cover all of them. For example, they did not review the actual balcony! How could they not review this? This place is my favorite place in the home, and Jacey and Koji agree with me. We all give it five out of five stars. It is where we can go to work Read more [...]