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June 11 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends! It is time for me to give you an update on my blood sugar readings. I know that many of you were concerned last week because the readings went higher. And you also did not like hearing that I had fleas. Well, I have good news about the fleas, furiends. They are not bugging me and Koji anymore.

The poor human, however, could not use the topical flea medication. So any fleas that fell off us before they died were able to annoy him. Today, he vacuumed around the home. Koji and I did not like this, but we were happier about it when he told us that probably got rid of more fleas.

The Human Would Like It If Koji and I Did This
The Human Would Like It If Koji and I Did This

The poor human was itching after he vacuumed, and we think it is because some of the fleas that were left got on him. But that is not so bad. He would rather have them get sucked up from the floor and carpet and get him one last time than live there and reproduce.

What did all of this do to my blood sugar levels? Not much, my furiends! My blood sugar readings for the week averaged 217. That is lower than what we saw last week, where they averaged 226. It is not too much of a difference, but it is a move in the right direction.

Furiends, the human and I always knew that our fight against diabetes would be a tough one. And it can be very frustrating to see my blood sugar levels fluctuate so much. But that is something we must contend with for as long as I stay with the human.

I am proud of my human. He continues to fight the battle against diabetes and does not complain about it. And that, furiends, makes me happy. Hopefully, my blood sugar levels will make me happy next week. I will let you know!

June 5 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. Before I do that, I want to share a funny story about the human with you.

The human, Koji, and I were surprised when we learned that we felines had fleas. We are indoor cats, after all, and fleas are not something we would expect to get. Well, we got them. The human treated us, and we felines are doing much better. But the human is not so lucky.

Watching the Human Do Silly Things
Watching the Human Do Silly Things

The human changed the bedsheets yesterday. He did not know fleas were in there. Some of them got onto him. He did not like it at all! He knocked the fleas off his skin, and then swatted them with his hand. I do not know if he killed all the fleas he saw, but I think he felt better.

After getting treated for fleas, my blood sugar levels have climbed. This is not a surprise, furiends. After all, with those annoying creatures sucking my blood, it is not a surprise that I had a lower blood sugar level. And the human thinks this may be why my blood sugar levels climbed this week.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 226. That is a lot higher than the 169 we saw last week. It is also too close to the 250 level where bad things may start to happen if my blood sugar remains there for a long time.

The human will keep my dosing at three units for another week, and we will see if my blood sugar levels drop a bit. If they do not, he will likely increase my insulin dose to 3.5 units. I do not like this, furiends. Knowing that I have a human who will help me makes me feel a lot better, though.

And next week, I will let you know what happens.

May 28 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. The human tells me that today is Memorial Day. I hope that you take some time to day to think about the brave humans who gave their lives to protect us. Their sacrifice helped make sure that many humans and their four legged friends get to enjoy their lives!

Right now I am recovering from the second time that the human brought me fleas. He did it when I was a tiny little mitten kitten, and he did it again recently. I was scratching a lot and it cause me to lose a lot of my fur. And I did not like the fleas nomming on my blood, which caused me to lose weight.

I am Relaxing on the Desk By the Catputer
I am Relaxing on the Desk By the Catputer

But the medicine the human gave to me seems to have worked. He has not seen any fleas in a while. And I am not scratching as much. Hopefully I will gain the weight I lost back soon! I am definitely feeling better, because I am sitting next to the human while he types this. And I am purring and even drooling!

My blood sugar readings for this week were pretty much the same as they were last week. For the week, they averaged 169, which is pretty much the safe as the week before. Those readings averaged 175.

The only thing I do not like about my blood sugar readings is how sometimes they are getting too low. The human is also concerned about that. When they drop low, I do not show any signs of hypoglycemia. The only thing that I do is demand noms, but I demand those when it is time for them anyway.

The human does not like those low blood sugar readings, and he will see what he can do to prevent those. Because I lost some weight, he may drop my dosing down for a while. But he will talk to the white coated human first.

I will let you know how this goes next week.