Good Thing My Human Doesn’t Let Me Text

I have tried to get my human to get me a phone.  I tell him, look.  I am a diabetic cat.  There may be times where I need to get a hold of you right away.  So you need to get me a phone.  Well, even though this is logical, he told me that I do not need a phone.  Besides, he told me, you can’t give yourself an ear stick to test for your blood, so how could you know when to call me?

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants to do thisI told him I wanted a phone anyway, but he still said no.  Well, I tried.

But there is one cat who succeeded in getting a phone, and he uses it quite a bit to text his human.  They are very funny.  At first, his human shared just a few conversations via text.  But people wanted more, so Catster has now turned this column into one that comes out every few weeks.

In the latest edition of Texts from Mittens, our feline hero confronts the challenge of autocorrect.  You humans have a site called Damn You Auto Correct.  Well, we felines face the same challenges.  And some of the results are very amusing.  For example, check out what happened when Phil the dog was bothering Mittens.  Mittens complained to his human, and hilarity resulted.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is glad he doesn't have to deal with auto correct

It’s not just auto correct that trips up our feline text messenger.  He also sometimes gets overanxious about things like food.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Knows this Challenge

And sometimes, it’s not food that we want.  Sometimes, if we don’t get our water, it’s a bad situation.  Especially if we are used to getting it right from the sink.

These are just a few of the texts that Mittens sends.  I do not think my argument that being a diabetic cat means I need to get a phone will work anymore.  Thanks for ruining that argument, Mittens!


Bagheera (1282 Posts)

Bagheera is a wonderful and loving cat who started off his life on the wrong foot. Literally. He is a polydactyl and since breed standard for bengals does not allow polydactylism, he was given to an animal rescue group. His human had just lost a dear feline friend, but he was fascinated by both the bengal breed and the polydactylism. So he flew up to see Bagheera, and fell in love. He took Bagheera home the same day and Bagheera didn't even let out a peep when he went on a noisy loud small airplane. Several years later, Bagheera had to endure another plane ride, but this time, it was on a big airplane. He moved with his human to San Diego. And he was all set to enjoy a life of soaking up the southern California sun but then something else got in the way. Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant that he would have to overcome one more challenge. His diabetes is being treated with insulin and a low carb diet. He has gained back all the weight he lost and is the same active, happy, rambunctious cat that he was before his diagnosis. But he wants to help raise awareness of feline diabetes. He wants humans everywhere to realize that while diabetic cats require a little extra care and they cost more to keep healthy, they are loving and playful companions for the right humans!

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