A Cat Rescue of Two Felines from a High Kill Shelter

Great Cat Rescue For Dying Cancer Patient

It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions for me over the past few days.  First, my good furiend Lucky told me that a kindle of 11 kittens was pulled from a high kill shelter.  What a great cat rescue story!

Then, sadly, he told me that one of the tiny felines was not doing well, and needed our healing thoughts.  But then I learned that the humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team were able to help with another cat rescue, with one cat who had been attacked by a dog and a polydactyl cat like me going to their foster home.

A Cat Rescue of Two Felines from a High Kill ShelterThat made me want to share a happy story, and I have one for you today that comes from the Animal Rescue Site.  There was a human dying of cancer.  Even an aggressive chemotherapy regimen would only buy time.  This human knew what would end his life, and he knew that he didn’t have much time left

This human was never one for presents.  When his children would ask him what he wanted for Christmas, he would always tell them to give something to their mother or to save the money.  But for the last Christmas he would spend with his family, he had a special request.

He told his family that he had been dreaming of a kitten.  It was grey, with soft paws.  And it loved being on the bed with him and sleeping on his chest.

His family was elated, but also very nervous.  This human revealed his request just a few weeks before Christmas.  How were they going to find a kitten like that so quickly?  They searched, and searched, trying to give a dying man the last Christmas present he would receive.

As Christmas drew closer, the family was close to panic.  They had tried many cat rescues, but none had a kitten like their father requested.  It was only two days before Christmas, when one of the humans called the rest of the family with wonderful news. They had found a kitten that would be exactly what was needed.

Pepper's Cat Rescue Story is a Christmas MiracleOn Christmas Eve, the humans anxiously brought the little kitten over to the dying human.  Pepper, as the feline would be known, wriggled free and went to the human who had been dreaming of him.  Head bonks followed, and then Pepper curled up on his human’s chest and went to sleep.

It was just like the dying human’s dream!  Pepper rarely left his human’s side after the initial introduction.  And when the cancer took Pepper’s human away, he bonded to the human’s wife.  Pepper was a tremendous comfort to her.

It is sad that this human had to leave us, but it is very good that he was able to get his dying wish and that Pepper’s cat rescue story gave a dying man some comfort over his last days.

Bagheera (1282 Posts)

Bagheera is a wonderful and loving cat who started off his life on the wrong foot. Literally. He is a polydactyl and since breed standard for bengals does not allow polydactylism, he was given to an animal rescue group. His human had just lost a dear feline friend, but he was fascinated by both the bengal breed and the polydactylism. So he flew up to see Bagheera, and fell in love. He took Bagheera home the same day and Bagheera didn't even let out a peep when he went on a noisy loud small airplane. Several years later, Bagheera had to endure another plane ride, but this time, it was on a big airplane. He moved with his human to San Diego. And he was all set to enjoy a life of soaking up the southern California sun but then something else got in the way. Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant that he would have to overcome one more challenge. His diabetes is being treated with insulin and a low carb diet. He has gained back all the weight he lost and is the same active, happy, rambunctious cat that he was before his diagnosis. But he wants to help raise awareness of feline diabetes. He wants humans everywhere to realize that while diabetic cats require a little extra care and they cost more to keep healthy, they are loving and playful companions for the right humans!

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