Company Contributes $10,000 to Help Feral Cats

Furiends, many people and companies want to help feral felines. There is Love Your Feral Felines near where I live. And not too far from me, a feral colony was at risk. But kind humans stepped in to help them, and a company contributed $10,000 to help these felines.

A dozen cats were living in a makeshift shelter in the corner of a parking lot. They had lived there for 22 years, and some of the humans caring for these felines were employees of Northrup Grumman. This only makes sense, since the parking lot was for the facility that company operated.

A new property management company took over, and one of the first things they did is tell the humans caring for the felines they needed to take down the shelter. Furiends, you know as well as I do that this would have been a death sentence for the felines living there.

The six humans who had been taking care of the feral colony for years were stunned. They asked for time to trap and relocate the felines. And the property management company granted that time, with their tenant, Northrup Grumman, pushing them to do so.

One of the Northrup Grumman Feral Cats Saved
One of the Northrup Grumman Feral Cats Saved

It took a while, but the kind humans helping these feral cats were able to trap all of them. Five of the cats in this feral colony found furever homes. The rest of the felines went to a facility near Santa Barbara. This facility, named VIVA, sits on 42 acres of land. The relocated felines will have lots of room to roam!

And Northrup Grumman came through with a donation to cover the expenses of this move. They gave $10,000 to People and Cats Together. This group worked very closely with the volunteers to help them get the felines to safety.

Like one of the humans helping these feral cats, I am happy they are safe. But I do not like how their home for 22 years was taken away from them. It doesn’t make any sense, furiends and the property management company who decided to do this deserves many swats!

July 9 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. Did you have a good weekend? It was a hot one for us here, and that meant that Jacey, Koji, and I were not able to go on the balcony to work on our fur tans. Jacey is getting to spend time outside, although she does not like it. You see, furiends, she commutes between here and The Cat Cafe now.

During the day, she spends her time there showing humans who do not know about us bengal cats how fun we are. And at night, she comes home. She does not like the commute, and complains to the human the whole time. But once she arrives at her destination, she is a happy cat.

Jacey is Much More Graceful Than This Feline
Jacey is Much More Graceful Than This Feline

It is nice to see my sisfur, even if she spends all of her time in the bathroom. She is starting to tolerate Koji being in there with her more and more. And Koji is learning that he cannot bother her. He will go in there and meow loudly, trying to talk to her. She does not mind, unless he gets too close. If he does that, the human goes in, tells Koji to leave, and that is what Koji does.

And do you know what is the best part of it for me? As soon as Koji leaves, the human pets Jacey and she starts to meow happily and sometimes even purr!

Now, on to my blood sugar readings, furiends. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 175. This is much better than the 229 we saw last week. I think it is because I have been getting two insulin shots for about two weeks now, and that the higher levels we saw came from when the human was away. I only got one insulin shot a day instead of two when that happened.

Hopefully, this is a sign of where my blood sugar levels will be moving forward. I will let you know if that’s the case next week!

Cat Saved By Cat Rescue Group Becomes Greeter

Cat rescue groups do so much to help us felines. Many of us felines owe our lives to them. One feline found a unique way to show his gratitude to the cat rescue group that saved him.

Norman was the first arrival at an RSPCA facility in 2012. He arrived in bad shape. The kind humans there, including the humans in white coats, did not know if he would survive the night. Norman arrived at the site after kind humans found him with four badly damaged legs. They suspected a car had hit Norman.

But Norman fought hard to recover from his injuries. It took months for him to fully recover. But that is what this feline did. The humans at the RSPCA facility waited for someone to claim Norman, but nobody ever did.

Norman, despite being injured badly, was also very lucky. You see, the cat rescue facility had just opened. Without it, Norman may not have received the help he needed. He would have left us if that happened. “We’re almost certain he would have died of his wounds, probably within just a few hours. We couldn’t bear to part with him after everything he’d been through,” said one of the humans at the facility.

Norman The Doorman Working Hard at a Cat Rescue Facility
Norman The Doorman Working Hard at a Cat Rescue Facility

Since he arrived at the cat rescue facility, Norman has seen nearly 1,500 animals pass through the doors. He’s seen 1,332 cats come through as well as 33 rabbits, and 16 rats.

Two feral kittens joined Norman to help him with his greeter duties. These felines, named Betsy and Belinda, also greet visitors. But Norman is the one who most people know. He has become a local celebrity, and goes with the cat rescue group to events. And when the facility is open, Norman sits on the couch, waiting to say hello.

This, furiends, is why Norman got a nickname. The humans around the cat rescue facility call him Norman the Doorman.

I am very happy that kind humans saved Norman from certain death in 2012. I like how he has repaid the humans who saved him by helping around the cat rescue facility. Good for Norman!

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.