Canine Helps Find Lost Feline

Felines and canines are often portrayed as not liking each other. That is true some of the time. But there are plenty of times where felines like canines. I like them until they annoy me with their sloppy wet tongues.

Why can’t canines be like us felines, and control their tongues properly? Have you ever seen the mess canines make when they drink? But we felines don’t spill a drop of water and canines need to learn from us.

Wiggles Shouting for Help

There is one feline who will tolerate all of the sloppy wet tongues one canine gives him. His name is Wiggles. Wiggles, you see, was trapped in a storm drain for ten days. Fortunately for him, an inquisitive canine smelt him, and went to investigate. This canine’s actions alerted a human, who called animal control.

Animal control dispatched humans to help. Workers from animal control and the sewer department responded quickly. Soon, they freed Wiggles from his confinement. After they did this, they returned Wiggles to his family. And his family is very happy they have their feline back.

Animal control said that Wiggles could not exit the storm drain the same way he got in. So he needed help to get out. Fortunately for him, he got that help after a canine found him.

Furiends, I do not have to tell you that it is best for us felines to stay inside. We live longer, and we have a lower risk of getting a number of diseases if we stay inside. There are a lot of misinformed humans who say that we felines need to go outside. That is not true.

Jacey, Koji, and I enjoy our lives inside. And we are bengal cats. If there is any cat who needs to go outside, it would be us, with our active and playful nature. If we do not have to go outside, most cats do not!

April 15 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The human tells me that many of your humans had to work on something called taxes over the weekend. I hope it was not to difficult to you. And if you have felines, hopefully, they helped you when they came over to sit on the catputer or your papers.

A Cat Helping With Taxes

That is just what we felines love to do, after all. Help our humans! We enjoy helping you humans with lots of things. Sometimes, you do not want our help. But we give it to you anyway!

But enough about taxes. On to my blood sugar readings. For the week, the average was good. My blood sugar readings averaged 171, which is a little lower than the 192 we saw last week. Even the 192 we saw is still below the 200 level the human likes to stay below.

The problem is that there were too many times where my blood sugar readings were very low. When that happened, the human did not give me any insulin. And since I nommed a lot because I was very hungry, it did not harm me. But the human did not like this.

He talked to the humans in white coats about this. They said that they wanted to adjust the insulin dose down. And that is what the human is going to do. He will drop the insulin dose by half a unit and we will see how that works. Hopefully, I will still get good blood sugar readings, but we will not have any where they are so low that the human gets scared.

Sometimes, my diabetes does not make things easy for the human. But he still works hard to make sure I feel okay. And I will remind him that if he does not, diabetic or not, I can still swat him!

Felines Learn to Give High Fives

Many humans try to train us felines, and then they give up. Then they tell everyone we cannot be trained. That is not true. We felines can learn to do tricks. We just have to want to do them. Too many humans expect us felines to be like canines. Canines will do anything to make their humans happy. Felines need to want to do the things that make you happy.

Many animal shelters are showing how to properly get a feline to do tricks. They are teaching felines to give high fives.

A Feline Giving a High Five
A Feline Giving a High Five

Not only is this fun for both the feline and the human doing it, but it makes it easier for felines to get adopted. Potential adopters see the feline doing fun things, and they know that they are looking at a fun and playful cat. Learning tricks also makes the felines happier during their time in the shelter. And it helps boost their confidence and reduce stress levels.

Humans at shelters say that teaching felines high fives helps shy cats come out of their shells and feisty cats learn to play gently. They also say that it is a lot of fun for the humans, too, because it is so cute!

And now, one of the most well known cat advocates, Jackson Galaxy, is holding a contest. Take a picture of your feline giving a high five. Then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #catpawsitive and tag @thejacksongalaxyproject and @halopets. You can do this through April 19th.

After the contest is over, Jackson Galaxy will choose his five favorite high fives. The winner will choose an animal welfare organization to receive $5,000 and 10,000 bowls of Halo pet food. And the four runners up will get to chose who gets 10,000 bowls of Halo pet food.

Shelters can also choose to join the Cat Pawsitive program, which teaches humans at shelters training techniques for felines. That way, felines at their facilities can get the benefits of learning to do tricks.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.