Nine Year Old Feline Finds a Home

We felines get sad when our humans, for whatever reason, cannot take care of us anymore. An older human surrendered nine year old Vienna, along with her other feline family members, because they could not provide the proper care for them. Vienna did not like this, even though the kind humans at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore tried to make her feel better.

Vienna and Elvis Were Adopted from BARCS
Vienna and Elvis

But Vienna and the other felines in the group, including her best furiend Elvis, needed this. White coated humans treated Vienna right away for a flea infestation. The fleas nommed on her blood so much that she was anemic, furiends!

Not only was Vienna anemic, but she also had a large cyst over her eye which needed to be treated. Despite all of this, Vienna loved interacting with the humans taking care of her. These humans said she was a sweet, friendly, and cuddly feline.

Every time a human walked past the cage where she and Elvis were staying, Vienna would give them eye blinks with her pretty green eyes. She would also show off her little chirp meow and wave her fluffy tail around to get their attention.

It took a while, but Vienna’s efforts finally paid off. A kind human decided to give her the home she deserved. Soon, she and Elvis were adopted. And now, she has a home of her own.

Furiends, when you look to adopt, make sure you consider an older feline. They may not have as much time left with you as a younger feline, but they will definitely enjoy the time they have. And so will you!

The Brodie Fund Helps Cats Fighting Cancer

The human was not happy when he learned that I was fighting diabetes. He was worried about what that meant for my quality of life and his. But he soon learned it was not too difficult, and that a few extra minutes each day would mean I could live a happy and long life.

Humans who learn their felines have cancer face something similar, but it is much more challenging. These felines have a disease that can kill them. And their humans get very worried.

Brodie and His Human
Brodie and His Human

Fortunately for these humans, a kind human whose feline, Brodie, lost his battle with cancer, started a fund to help. Cancer treatments can require many green paper things, and The Brodie Fund helps with that. But they do much more than that.

The human behind The Brodie Fund knows the difficulties humans whose felines have cancer have to fight through. They help provide emotional support to the humans who must deal with these challenges. They develop “a strong bond with the families” of these felines. And many of these families stay in touch with The Brodie Fund and send updates on how their feline is doing.

One human whose cat, Moby, was battling cancer endured a lot of teasing from his friends about how much he cared about his cat. I say he needs new friends because they are not worthy of his attention. But even if he does need new friends, after a year of treatment, he sent an email to let The Brodie Fund know Moby was doing well.

Sometimes, however, even the most dedicated humans and white coated humans cannot help a feline with cancer win. When that happens, The Brodie Fund provides free grief counseling to the human who lost their feline.

If you would like to learn more about The Brodie Fund, you can visit their Facebook page. I hope this kind human helps many felines win their battle against cancer!

September 9 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. It has been an interesting week for me. The human got a new bottle of insulin. And Koji and I have been visited by an avian friend. This avian friend is very brave. Koji and I were both out on the balcony, and the avian friend came right over and landed on one of the plants.

Our Avian Friend

They started to chirp, and they did not seem to care that Koji and I were right there. The human got worried that Koji and I would attempt to catch the bird. But we did not. We just watched the bird closely.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 196. This is much higher than we saw last week. We are still well below the level where it can be dangerous long term. But the human is still concerned about the big jump.

Sometimes, this happens when I get a new vial of insulin. The human does not know why that happens, but it does. And the readings towards the end of the week were much better.

I am hopeful that the trend we saw towards the end of the week continues. I will let you know about it next week. Until then, I hope you have as much fun with your friends as Koji and I had with our avian friend!