World’s Oldest Feline Leaves Us

We felines do not live as long as you humans do. An indoor only cat like me typically lives for around 15 years. Some felines live longer, and some have their lives cut short sooner. But 15 years with a human who loves us and who we love is a good life for us.

One feline got to enjoy a much longer time with his humans than that. This feline lived to be 32 years old, furiends! That is more than double the time most felines enjoy.

Some smart humans say that the first two years of a feline’s life are equal to 25 years of human life. Then, each additional year is equal to four human years. That means this 32 year old feline was like a 145 year old human!

Nutmeg Enjoying Time with His Humans
Nutmeg Enjoying Time with His Humans

This feline first came to the attention of humans tracking long lived felines when he had only three teeth. But he did not let this slow him down. He still was going strong. His humans, who are heartbroken to have lost their feline after so many years, say that giving him lots of treats like tuna, cream, and hot roasted chicken helped him live so long.

His humans first met this feline in 1990, when another cat brought him into the home. Nutmeg, as this feline was known, kept coming into the home. That is when they realized he was a stray and decided to keep him in their home.

Nutmeg’s humans took him to the white coated humans. They estimated his age to be around five. And then for 27 more years, Nutmeg enjoyed living with his humans and giving and receiving lots of love.

But eventually, even the longest lived feline leaves us. And Nutmeg knew it was his time. His health started to deteriorate, and his humans knew they had to take him to the white coated humans one last time. There, they said goodbye to him after 27 years. While they are very sad about this, they are very happy to have spent so much time with Nutmeg.

Batgirl’s Sisfur Monkey Recovering

Batgirl is an inspiring feline, furiends. She was born blind and should have died many times. But she fought through her difficult medical challenges, and now is living a happy and fun life with her human.

Batgirl’s human works very hard to help special needs felines. Recently, a feline named Monkey arrived in the home. And poor Monkey had a problem. Most felines, just like you humans, have organs located and attached in specific spots. Poor Monkey did not.

Monkey needed extensive surgery from the white coated humans so she could thrive. First, the white coated humans attached Monkey’s bladder to her body wall. After they did that, they detached her spleen, which had become attached improperly, and put it where it was supposed to go. Finally, the white coated humans secured everything in place with mesh.

Furiends, I get tired just describing what the white coated humans did to Monkey. Can you imagine having to endure all of that work? Monkey, fortunately, is a feisty and tough cat. She needed to be one in order to get this far!

Monkey spent a night at the white coated humans, and she got a lot of pain medication. That should not surprise you, furiends, because all of that rearranging her organs is painful. And the pain medications helped a lot. Monkey impressed the white coated humans by recovering so well she went home after just one day!

Monkey Relaxing at Home
Monkey Relaxing At Home

Now, Monkey still must recover, and that means she must endure the cone of shame. She is also wearing a body sock, which you know makes her annoyed. But she needs to wear these things so her recovery moves along more quickly.

And her human must watch her closely for a while. You see, while she needed the mesh to hold her organs in place, mesh has risks. Her human must watch to make sure the mesh is holding properly.

Monkey’s surgery and recovery will be challenging. But she has endured a lot, and showed her fighting spirit already. I am sure she will recover and live a long and happy life. And that, furiends, is the most important thing.

Anakin’s Sisfur Is Improving

My fellow feline Anakin impresses me all the time. He was born without hind legs but he does not let this slow him down. He is full of love and life, and he shows it to his humans every day. Recently, his humans took in a tiny feline. They named her Arya, and she was sick.

Anakin’s humans took her to the white coated humans, and they treated her medical conditions. I am not surprised that Arya had to battle a bunch of medical conditions. Street cats often get sick because they must live in bad conditions.

Now, thanks to the care that Anakin’s human gave her, Arya is doing much better. She hasn’t had any incidents of diarrhea in a week. And she gained quite a lot of weight. Furiends, when we felines are sick, we often lose weight. Arya gaining weight is a good sign.

Arya Relaxing on a Couch
Arya Relaxing on a Couch

This tiny feline is still fighting a urinary tract infection, which means that her human must continue the antibiotic treatment. But even there, her situation is improving. She needs to endure this treatment for just a little longer. And then, furiends, that infection will be gone.

The white coated humans gave Anakin’s human good news about her. They took blood from her, and the results were good news. Arya does not have FIV, blood parasites, or toxoplasmosis. For a cat on the streets to avoid these diseases is good news!

Now, furiends, this does not mean that Arya is completely healthy. She still has a slight fever and some eye discharge. But the white coated humans think that this is because of a kitten virus that her immune system will fight off on her own.

Even with this, furiends, Arya is doing much better than when Anakin’s human first started taking care of her. I am glad that she is getting the help she needs and that it is working!

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.